Til Kala - काला तिल - Sesame Seeds - Sesamum Indicum

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Introduction :

           The use of sesame is more in the winter in the food. There is three types of sesame from color difference.Red, black and white The use of black sesame in the form of medicine is considered good. Sesame and sugar are used to make rabbi . In India, sesame is cultivated in more quantity. Sesame is cultivated in an independent form or inmixed form with cotton, Arhar , Bajra and groundnut etc. with any crop. India is the main place in the field of sesame productionEnglish Name     : Sesame, Gingelly

Name in different languages:

Hindi Name        : Til, Tilli

Latin name         : Sesamum indicum Linn.

Urdu Name        : Kunjad, Til

Arabic Name      : Juljulaann, Simsim, Duhn al-hall, Seeraj, Sheeraj (Oil)

Bengali Name     : Tilagachh

French Name      : Sesamé

German Name    : Sesam

Gujarati Name    : Til

Kannada Name   : Ellu

Marathi Name     : Tila, Til

Persian Name     : Kunjad, Shamshak

Punjabi Name     : Til Sanskrit Name : Tila, Tilaha, Tir


Annihilator sesame phlegm, bile, increase the power going, diseases of the head with a fix, milk increases the ulcer (wound), dental disease is to recover and urine is supposed to reduce the flow is. Itis beneficialto increase digestive power anddestroy the vata . Black sesame is good and semen enhancer. According to scholars, white sesame is of medium quality and red sesame is less sophisticated. Bymixing theold jaggery in the sesame,it reduces the lack of semen and the complicationof air becoming stomach is far away.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Stomach dysentery ) : The mixture of 6 to 12 grams of sesame and crude lime pulp benefits from day to day and evening.

2. Constipation :

  • Grind about 6 grams of sesame, then mix it with sweet and it ends constipation by eating it.
  • Constipation is removed by eating sesame seeds, rice and moong dal, and eating them.

3. Cough :

  • Cough is cured by drinking 2 teaspoons of sugar in about 100 ml decoction of sesame seeds.
  • Boil 4 spoons of sesame in 1 glass of water so that the water is half remaining. Drink it three times a day, it cures cold cough coming out of the cold.

4. acne : Grinding the bark of sesame seeds with vinegar, putting on the face, acne gets cured.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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