Vaividang - वैविदंग - False Black Pepper - Embelia ribes

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Vaividang - वैविदंग - False Black Pepper - Embelia ribes.

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Name In Different Languages:

English Name  : False Black Pepper, White Flowered Embelia

Hindi Name     : Vayvidang, Vavirang, Baberang

Latin name      : Embelia ribes Burm.

Urdu Name     : Baobarang

Arabic Name   : Badanj, Biranj Kaabilee

Bengali Name  : Virang

German Name  : Falscher Schwarzer Pfeffer

Gujarati Name  : Vayavadang

Kannada Name : Vayubaliga, Vayuvidanga

Kashmiri Name : Babading

Marathi Name   : Vavadinga, Karkannie

Persian Name   : Birang Kaabilee

Punjabi Name   : Babrung, Vavaring

Sanskrit Name  : Vidanga, Kirmigha, Jantughna

Quality :

          Baividang is small, curt, tart, bitter, hot, papillary, digestive, crematorium, secretion, destruction of intestinal insects , urine (diuretic) in size. In addition, itdestroys indigestion , dislike , illusion, pain, stomach disorders , spleen , indigestion , cough ,breathing , heart disease , frost, malaria, obesity , gonorrhea and toxicity.

Useful in various diseases :

1. stomach and intestinal insects: Mix 2 grams of fine powder of bribing with jaggery, feeding the patient during sleep, stomach worms will end. Feeding 1 teaspoon of powdered chutney with yogurt should be done after 3-4 hours after mixing with 4 spoons iron oil in a cup of milk. This will kill worms and come out.

2. skin diseases: By grinding powder of the fruits of baking powder in water, it provides relief in skin diseases.

3. Toothache:

  • Make powder by grinding 10 grams Baividang, grinding 10 grams of Khorasani Ajayan and 10 grams of Akkera and filtered in cloth. Drying daily with this powder will remove the pain of teeth and gums
  • Make a powder of baking powder and mix it with a little bit of mustard and fill it in the hollow of the teeth. This stops the release of pice from gums and cures toothache.

4. Stones: Make 5-4 grams of boiling, rock salt, sugar candy, juice, betel juice, sesame seeds, papaya seeds, and bunks to make decoction. Drinking it daily in the morning and evening every cure is cured.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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courtesy :  Ayurved Shala

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