Shankhpushpi - शंखपुष्पी - Morning Glory - Convolvulus pluricaulis

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Shankhpushpi - शंखपुष्पी - Morning Glory - Convolvulus pluricaulis.

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Introduction :

         Shankhuppi is called Smriti Sudha. It is a kind of grass that spreads over the summer. Washing the root of Shankhuppiphi thoroughly, grinding leaves, stalks, flowers, grinding everyone, mixing them in water, mixing sugar, filtering and drinking brings freshness and energy in the brain. Culturable plant is found on rocky ground in the forests of India. The plant of Cinkhupati is about 1 feet high. Its leaves are between 1 to 4 centimeters long, have 3 veins, which gives the odor like radish leaves on the ground. Shankhupri's branches and stems are thin, with white follicles. The three species of Cankhuparpi are found in red, white and blue flowers with florettes. But the white flowering conch shell is considered to be the best for use. In it, 1-2 flowers, which are similar to the flowers of the caner, are white or light pink. The fruit looks small, round, smooth, shiny brown, In which the seeds of brown or black come out. Thick, wide and narrow like root finger is about 1 inches long.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name   : Morning Glory, English Speedwheel

Hindi Name      : Shankhapushpi, Shankhpushpi

Latin name       : Convolvulus pluricaulis

Urdu Name      : Sankhaholi, Convolvulus Pluricaulis Bindweed, Prostrate Bindweed Shankhpushpi

Bengali Name   : Shanapuspi

Chinese Name  : Tu ding gui

Gujarati Name  : Shankhavali

Kannada Name : Bilikantisoppu, Shankhapushpi, Shankhauli

Marathi Name   : Sankhahuli, Shankhavela, Sankhapuspi

Punjabi Name   : Ksirapuspi, Sankhapuspi, Sankhahuli

Sanskrit Name  : Vishnukranta, Vishnukranti, Shankhapushpa

quality :

        According to Ayurveda: Shankhpushipi pungent juice, sweet in smooth, flavored in the temperaments, causes cold, vata, patera and kapha to destroy, it is the brightness of the face, power of strength, power enhancing, quickening, eliminating brain defects Is supposed to be. Iteliminates hysteria , sleep deprivation , lack of memory, insanity , epilepsy , fever, stomach worms . Shankpushpi leprosy , antidotal, mental illness , Shukrmeh , high Bldpreshr , urinating on the bed is beneficial in the habit of doing.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Insanity: Due to the consumption of 20 ml of cucumber blossom (root, stem, fruit, flowers, leaves) offreshconch saplings, consuming 4 spoons of amounts daily, the disease of madness becomes very less.

2. To increase the memory power : Mix 200 gramspowder of cucumber powder (root, stem, fruit, flowers, leaves) in equal quantity of gram powder and 30 grams of black pepper powder. By consuming it in a spoonful amount of 1 teaspoon of milk daily in the morning and evening it increases the memory power (brain power).

3. For constipation:

  • Taking 10 to 20 ml juice of conch pusprips comes clean.
  • Constipation (stomach gas) is removed by consuming root of 3 to 6 gms of shankhupri every morning and evening.

4. Weakness: Consume 10 to 20 ml of conch puspic juice in the morning and evening, the weakness disappears.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

To know more about this , Please watch the Video !!

Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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