Sarphokha - सरफोखा - Purple Tephrosia - Tephrosia purpurea

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sarphokha - सर्फोखा  - Purple Tephrosia - Tephrosia purpurea.

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Introduction :

       Sarfonka plants are found in all the Hindustan and Himalayan regions at an altitude of 6 thousand feet. On the basis of flowers, there are two different types of sarfoka, a red flower plant and the other is the flower of white flowers.Often the name of Sarfonka is eclipsed and used in the flower of red or purple flowers. Flowers on Sarfonka come in rainy season and fruits fall in the winter season.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name    : Purple Tephrosia, Wild Indigo

Hindi Name        : Sarphenka, Sarphankha

Latin name        : Tephrosia purpurea Pers.

Urdu Name        : Sarphoka

Arabic Name      : Sarboka

Bengali Name     : Bannilgach, Bonnil

Chinese Name    : Nah troi

French Name      : Indigotier Sauvage

German Name    : Wilder Indigo

Gujarati Name    : Sharpankho, Jhila, Ghila

Kannada Name   : Panki, Kaggi

Marathi Name     : Untoali, Unhali, Surpanaka

Persian Name     : Sufar

Punjabi Name     : Jhojru

Sanskrit Name    : Puleehashtree, Sarapunkha, Sharpunkha, Neelabralakrati

Appearance : 

All the plants of Sarfanka are about 1-3 feet high, stems are straight and cylindrical. The leaves of Sarfanka are smooth and contain 5 to 9 pairs, its leaves are 1 inch long, 1/2 inch wide and have a spear. When the leaves are broken, the arrow-like sharp edges break. The flowers of Sarfanka flutter in red, or purple, 3 to 6 inch long mangrays. The pods are like 1 to 2 inches long, straight, but flat, beak-like nozzle. Seeds 4 to 10 are small yellowish yellow colored parties and their outer peel is pied.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Dental Disease: Mix 100 grams of coriander with 10 grams of vermicompost in 100 ml oil, when the water starts to dissolve it, after cooling it, apply it in cotton wool and apply it for toothache. needed. Growing its root in tooth disease and keeping it under a painful tooth gives great benefits.

2. Diarrhea: 5 ml of Sarfonka by mixing 1-2 cloves and drinking 3-4 times a day stops diarrhea.

3. Urine: In urine (trouble in urination), grind 20 to 25 leaves of sarfanka with water and mix 3-3 black pepper grains in it and it gives lot of benefit to the patient.

4. Worms in teeth: Soak soot the cotton in the juice of sarfanka and put it in the pits of teeth. This eliminates the toothache and worms.

Disclaimer :

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