santra chilka - संतरा छिलका - Orange Peel - Citrus aurantium

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santra chilka - संतरा छिलका - Orange Peel - Citrus aurantium.

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         Orange is grown at Nagpur and Jhalavar in India on a large scale. It is cool in nature, sweet, tasty and sour. It enhances power and increases urine andappetite. Mostly, it is used in the summer season. Orange is a famous fruit. It contains good quantity of vitamin-A, B, C, and calcium. It is beneficial in digestion and purifies the blood. Its juice or marmalade prepared by its juice is very nutritive. Orange keeps the mind happy. It can be eaten in fast (Vrat) and in all diseases. The patient who has been suffering from disturbed digestion system, mix orange juice in 3 folds of water and drink. Its use is a good remedy for disturbed digestion system. Taking orange on empty stomach in the morning or after 5 hours of the meals is very beneficial. One should take only one or two oranges at once. Orange contains good quantity of vitamin-C. Eating one orange regularly covers the lack of vitamin-C as a person needs.

Name in different languages:

English name - Orange peel

Hindi name    - santra chilka

Latin name    - Citrus aurantium


  •          Orange contains good combination of vitamin C and D. It ripens itself on the tree with the help of sunshine and wind. Its use enhances prophylactic power of the body. Orange contains glucose and dextol which are the source of vital power and are useful for good health. Orange is beneficial in many diseases and keeps the body healthy and fresh.
  •          Orange juice contains good quantity of soluble glucose, fructose, sucrose and carbonic acid. Orange contains vitamin-C, vitamin-B complex, vitamin-A, minerals and some nutritive elements, so it is counted in nutritive fruits. Giving orange juice to the patient who has been suffering from fever provides strength and relief. It quenches over thirst and reduces the dryness of the mouth. Its juice can be drunk many times a day.
  •          To purify the blood several experiments have been tested on the juice that is taken during fast. It is considered abstergent and can be taken constantly in meal.
  •          There are 23 nutritive elements in orange that are beneficial for good health. All people of Europe consider it very useful and call it by the name of Golden apple.
  •          A beautiful and fair complexioned baby will take birth if a pregnant woman takes one glass juice of orange duringpregnancy. Its use also stops the vomiting of a pregnant woman.
  •          Orange juice works as water, medicine and nutritive substance for the patient. It controls stomach warmth and reforms the taste of the mouth.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Diabetes:

  • Orange can be given to the patients of diabetes. Its juice is very useful and effective in depression, high blood pressure, constipation, indigestion and diseases caused by warmth.
  • Dry orange peels in shadow and grind them to fine powder. Boil 4 spoons this powder in one glass of water and filter. Drinking this preparation daily provides relief in diabetes.

2. Jaundice:

Regular use of orange provides relief in jaundice.

3. Malaria:

Boil the peels of 2 oranges in 2 cups of water until half water remains and then filter it. Drinking this lukewarm mixture is a good remedy in malaria. Its use will provide relief within a few days.

4. Acnes:

Grind dried peels of orange and rub it on the face. Acnes disappear by its use.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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