Salab Panja - सालब पंजा - Salep Orchid - Orchis latifolia

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Salab Panja - सालब पंजा - Salep Orchid - Orchis latifolia.

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English Name     : Salep Orchid

Hindi Name        : Salabmisri, Salampunja

Latin name        : Orchis latifolia Linn.

Urdu Name        : Salab Misri, Khusyatus Salab

Arabic Name      : Khusaa al-tha‘lab, Qaatil Akheehi

Bengali Name     : Salabmisri, Salep Misri

French Name      : Salep Orchis

German Name    : Breitblättriges Knabenkraut, Breitblättriger Fingerwurz

Kannada Name   : Salamisri

Marathi Name     : Salamisri

Persian Name     : Salab Misri, Khaya Rubah

Sanskrit Name    : Salammishri, Salabmisri, Munjataka


        The fruit of eulophia campestris wall (tuber-root) is pungent and hot natured. It takes time in digestion. It increases appetite, digestion power and sexual excitement. It is beneficial inheart problems and purifies the blood and sperm. A person remains far from old age to some extant after its use.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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