Gulab Petal(patti) - गुलाब पत्ती - Dry Rose Petal - Rosa Gallica

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Gulab Petal(patti) - गुलाब पत्ती - Dry Rose Petal - Rosa Gallica.

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      Rose is called the king of the flowers because of beautiful. Every person knows about rose flower. Its plant is planted in all over India. Its color is red. Two items are very famous which is prepared by rose flowers.

1.     Gulakanda

2.     Rosewater.

        There are many kinds of rose which have flowers of many color. Its plant is about 120-180 centimeters high. It stem is thorny which has 5 joints leaves. Mostly, pink rose is found on every where. Besides it, there are also many kinds of rose flower like- white and yellow. Its flower is in egg shape. Its flowers appear in March-April. Its flowers are used to make perfume and gulakanda.

Name In Different Languages:

English name - Dry Rose Petal

Hindi name    - Gulab patti

Latin name    - Rosa Gallica


         Using rose increases the strength of heart, brain and stomach. Using rose is useful to end insanity caused by syphilis. It makes the brain happy and fits the activity of digestive system.

        In Ayurvedha, mostly the rose flower is used because of its quality like curing many types of diseases. It normalizes vattaand pitta. It ends inflammation, constipation and quenches thirst. It contains vitamin-C in enough quantity. Mix ground flowers of rose with syrup and take it in the summer season, it provides strength to the heart and brain. Take rose juice, it increases shining of the face and purifies the blood.

          The rose flower is as beautiful as has useful qualities of remedy. According to Ayurveda, its juice is bitter, sweet and pungent in taste; cool in nature, smooth and light. It is useful for the treatment of gas, bile disorders, body inflammation and weakness of digestion system, anorexia, mentally problems, blood diseases and heart problems. It increases sperm count too. It quenches thirst and removes offensive smell of sweat. It is also useful for the liver and brain.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Lips blackness:

  • Grind rose petals and mix well some glycerin in it. After that, apply it on the lips 3-4 times in a day; it ends lips blackness.
  • Grind one flower of rose and mix some cream in it. Apply it on the lips and wash it after ten minutes. Using this process some days regularly ends blackness of the lips.

2. Eyes diseases:

  • Dripping 2 drops juice of rose flowers in the eyes twice a day is useful to cure eye diseases.
  • Drip rose-water in the eyes, it ends inflammation and having an itching sensation in the eye caused by a foreign matter.

3. Skin diseases:

Mix rose-water with water and take bath with this water regularly, it cures all diseases of the skin and fairs complexion. Its smell provides freshness to the brain.

4. Heart weakness:

Taking rose flowers is useful to end weakness of the heart.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

To know more about this , Please watch the Video !!

Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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