Ratanjot - रतनजोत - Alkanet - Onosma echioides

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Ratanjot - रतनजोत - Alkanet - Onosma echioides.

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  • Natural
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Name In Different Languages:

English Name   : Alkanet, Dyer’s Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss

Hindi Name      : Ratanjot, Laljari

Latin name       : Onosma echioides Linn.

Urdu Name       : Ratanjot

Arabic Name     : Shanjar, Khas al-himaar

Bengali Name    : Ratanjot

French Name     : Buglosse azurée

German Name    : Natternkopf-Lotwurz

Kashmiri Name   : Yatilung, Yarilung

Persian Name     : Shankaru

Punjabi Name     : Laljari, Koame, Maharanga, Ratanjot

Sanskrit Name   : Maharanga, Dhamani

Quality :

          Ratanjot's plant is bitter, sharp (acrid), soft urine (cleaner stool), insecticide (destroyer of insects) and toxic substance. Ratanjot cures cough , eyes disease , stomach disorders , pain in urination, itching , white leprosy (white stains), wounds , hemorrhoids and bladder stones .

          Boiling the oil of Ratanjot, massage with that oil cures gout disease . When the patient with epilepsy gets the chance to grind Ratanjot after the attack, dripping his juice in the nose will stop the attack and stop the fainting . By boiling the leaves of Ratanjot, it strengthens the heart .Take out the juice of Ratanjot leaves and mix it with honey and drink it and heal the diseases of the blood .

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.


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courtesy :  Ayurved Shala

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