Nagkesar - नागकेसर - Iron Wood Tree - Mesua ferrea

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Nagkesar - नागकेसर - Iron Wood Tree - Mesua ferrea.

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  • Natural
  • Powder

Name In Different Languages:

English Name     : Cobra’s Saffron, Iron Wood Tree, Indian Rose Chestnut

Hindi Name        : Nagkesar, Nagkeshar, Nagchampa, Nagesar

Latin name        : Mesua ferrea Linn.

Urdu Name        : Nagkesar, Naremushk

Arabic Name      : Narekaisar

Bengali Name     : Nageshvar, Nagesar

Chinese Name    : Thiet lucmoc

French Name      : Mesua Naghas

German Name    : Eisenholz

Gujarati Name    : Nagkesar, Sachunagkeshar, Nagchampa, Pilunagkesar, Tamranagkesar

Kannada Name   : Nagsampige

Marathi Name     : Nagkesar

Persian Name     : Naremushk

Punjabi Name     : Nageswar

Sanskrit Name    : Nagkesara, Nagkeshar, Nagpushpa, Hema, Gajakesara

quality :

            It removes heat (through diarrhea). Trush (thirst) ,removes sweating (sweating) , vomiting (vomiting) , stench, leprosy , fever , itching , cough, bile and poison. Nagakassar is beneficial for people with cold nature. It removes obesity and cleanses the bloodstream (cleanses the blood). The teeth become strong and strong.

Useful in various diseases :

1. cough:

  • Making decoction by taking a decoction on the root and bark of the cobbler gets benefit in cough diseases.
  • In such a cough that contains a lot of cough, cough cough is destroyed after consuming one gram of Nagarkar (Yellow Nagakasar) of about half grams in the morning and evening with butter and sugar candy.

2. Infertility:

Take one gram of Nagakasar (Yellow Nagakeshar) with one gram cow (calf) and drink it daily and if there is no complaint of any disease related diseases, then there will definitely be miscarriage. Regular consumption of it regularly until conception is definitely successful.

3. Cholera:

Make large amounts of cardamom, paddy khil, cloves, yellow dagakesar, henna, ketchup of berry, nirmagrama and white sandal-all in equal quantity, filtering the powder and making powder. Mix grounded sugar candy in one part of this powder.Churning this powder with honey will also remove the fatal vomiting (vomiting) caused by three defects.

4. Disease:

  • Take 3 grams of coconut powder with fresh water, it is beneficial in white blood.
  • Make about 40 grams of coconut, 30-30 grams of aloe vera and roselle, 100 grams of sugarcane, and making powder. Mix it with 3-4 grams of sugar mixed with hot milk in the morning and evening and all types of prognosis are eradicated.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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