Methi Dana - मेथी दाना - Fenugreek Seeds - Trigonella foenum-graecum

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Methi Dana - मेथी दाना -  Fenugreek Seeds - Trigonella foenum-graecum.

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        Fenugreek is cultivated in almost all the states. Vegetables are made from fenugreek leaves. Its seeds are used in a variety of dishes for diet and as a medicine. Flowers and fruits of fenugreek are found in the months of January to March. Fenugreek plants are one feet high. Its leaves are small and round-shaped. Fenugreek seeds are called fenugreek seeds. It is also found in the Jagannis. Fenugreek found in forests is of low quality. Vegetables of fenugreek granules are made in Rajasthan, besides the vegetables, fodder leaves are made from Dhokles, Mithai and Gotas. Some people make mixed greens of mung and fenugreek seeds. Apart from this, pickle of raw mango and mixing fenugreek and other spices are prepared in it. This pickle is delicious and quality. In winter, fenugreek is consumed mostly in most of the houses.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name       : Fenugreek, Bird’s Foot, Greek Hayseed

Hindi Name           : Methi

Latin name           : Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn.

Urdu Name           : Methi, Tukhme Hulba

Arabic Name         : Hulba, Fareeqa

Bengali Name       : Methi

Chinese Name      : Hu lu ba

French Name        : Fenugrec sénegré

German Name      : Bockshornklee, Kuhhornklee, Griechisch-Heu

Gujarati Name      : Methi

Kannada Name    : Menthya

Kashmiri Name     : Meeth

Marathi Name      : Methi

Persian Name      : Shamleez

Punjabi Name      : Methi

Sanskrit Name     : Methika, Methini


Fenugreek is smooth and heavy. According to scientific opinion, after analyzing the chemical composition of fenugreek, it is known that the water in fenugreek bits is 81.8 percent, fibers are 1.01 percent, fat 0.9 percent, iron is 16.19 milligrams per 100 grams and in small quantities calcium , phosphorus and vitamin A , C is also found. In fenugreek granules, 25 percent phosphoric acid, colline and trigonellin alkaloids, gum, lecithin, stable oil, aluminum protein, yellow colored substances are found. In dry almanac, the amount of protein is found to be 16 percent. In one of the special properties of reducing the amount of glucose in the blood and urine diabetesIn these they are very useful. In the seeds of fenugreek, mainly the volatile and stable oils, proteins, cellulose, starch, sugars, muscle, minerals, alkolides and vitamins are found. The odorless bitter taste of seeds is due to the 'oliborzene' found in it. According to one of the recipients, water in its donations ranges from 7.0 to 11.0 percent, crude protein 27.7 to 38.6 percent, mineral 3.4 to 6.8 percent, petroleum ether 5.2 to 8.2 percent, alcohol 16.6 to 24.8 percent and acid insoluble ash is 0.2 to 2.3 percent. . Vitamins 'A', 'C' and 'Niyasin' are in excess quantities in fenugreek seeds.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Body irritation:

  • Grate the fenugreek leaves thoroughly and drink it in water and drink it, and apply it on the body. It provides relief in physical irritation.
  • If there is irritation, inflammation, fever in the body, then grate the leaves of fenugreek fenugreek or fenugreek seeds in water as a chutney, or soak 4 teaspoons of dana fenugreek in 2 cups of water and filter it twice daily, Goes away.

2. back ache:

  • By making fenugreek granules of laddus for three weeks and consuming methi oil on the affected part, it provides complete relief in the back pain.
  • Boil 2 spoons of Dana Fenugreek and 2 Chhasheares (Kartli extracted) boiled in 1 glass of water. Drinking water by eating masala and fenugreek while sleeping at night, drinking water brings grief in the back pain.

3. Lack of sleep:

Make an inch thick of pimple fenugreek and put it under the head and sleep. This will lead to deep sleep.

4. Liver disease:

In order to increase the efficiency of liver (liver), it is better to eat breakfast of boiled fenugreek seeds in the morning. It also removes indigestion.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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