Pyaj Beej - प्याज बीज - Onion Seed - Allium cepa

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Pyaj Beej - प्याज बीज - Onion Seed - Allium cepa.

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Introduction :

          Onion is found in all over India. The onion is of two types with the difference between white and red. Onions are a stimulant substance, so it is used in all disorders related to digestion. The onion is used in almost every vegetable, chapati, chutney, sambhar, soup, salad and chaat. The onion bite comes with a strong smell of onion. Snoring onion will open the closed nose. Onion oxidizes cholesterol, which results in decreasing cholesterol levels. Taking 1 teaspoon juice of raw onion is good for reducing the level of cholesterol in the morning when you wake up.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name     : Onion

Hindi Name        : Piaz, Piyaz, Pyaz, Piyaj, Pyaj

Latin name         : Allium cepa Linn.

Urdu Name         : Piyaz, Pyaz

Arabic Name       : Basal

Bengali Name     : Piaaj, Pinaaj, Pyaj

Kannada Name   : Neerulli

Marathi Name     : Kanda

Persian Name     : Piaz

Sanskrit Name    : Palandu, Durgandha


Onions bring stomach, stimulants and enough sleep. The seeds of onionare destructive, destructive todecay (tooth worms) and gonorrhea (disorders of the metal). Itjaundice , rheumatism , choleratic, Kfvrdhk, Vednasthapan (reducing pain), resolvent (swelling to take away with), Wrnsothpacn () to reduce scarring and inflammation of the defects of the skin is to remove. Onions are the lamp (enhancer), digestion (digestive), urine (enhancing the amount of urine). In addition to this, it is the one who develops sperm cells, is a blood-type, dermatologist, spoilage (aphrodisiac), enlargement , itching, andenhancingthe brightness of the face.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Eye diseases:

Eyesight on the eyes of the onion juice increases with eyes and the eyes of the eyes are removed from the eyes of the mist, nails, nets, cubs and cataracts.

2. Constipation :

  • Constipation is cured by eating raw onions daily with food.
  • By making the onion decoction, consuming 40 ml of water twice a day is beneficial.

3. Arthritis (joint pain):

  • Massaging the mixture of mustard oil and onion juice benefits the joint.
  • By mixing onion juice and mustard oil in equal amounts, massage of rheumatoid arthritis is destroyed.

4. Throat diseases:

Grind the onions in vinegar and lick and cure diseases of the throat.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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