long (Organic) - लौंग - Clove - Syzygium aromaticum

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long (Organic) - लौंग - Clove - Syzygium aromaticum.

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Clove is cultivated in Zanzibar and Malacca Islands in more quantity. Its height is long. Its 8-9 years old tree gives fruits. It is black. It is a fragrant spice which is used in food for taste. There are two kinds of clove- first is high fragrant and second is blue which oil is extracted with the help of machines. The best clove is which is more fragrant and pungent in taste and seems oily if it is pressed.    

Clove oil is heavier than water. Its oil is red which is used to make cigarette tobacco fragrant. This oil is also used as medicine. Applying this oil on the skin is useful to kill skin worms.

Name In Different Languages:

English              -               Cloves

Hindi                  -               Long

Latin                  -               Careyafilesairo matices

Sanskrit             -               Lavang, Devkusum

Marathi              -               Lavang

Bengali              -               Lavang

Gujrati               -               Laving

Persian             -               Darkhte mehak

Arabic               -               Mikhkarkan, Phool

Telugu               -               Lambgal


 According to Ayurveda, clove is pungent, small, cool natured, tasty and easy digestible. It is useful for the eyes and increases digestion power. It quenches thirst and checksblood disorders. It is used to prevent hiccupcough and tuberculosis. Taking cloves reduces excessive saliva from the mouth and ends pain and toothache

According to Greek Medical Science, clove is dry, hot and excitable in nature. Taking it causesheadache. It increases digestion power and makes the gums strong. Grind it and rub it on the affected part, it alleviates poisoning.      

According to Scientists, clove is hot in nature and provides relief from stomach pain. Soak it in hot water and give this water to the pregnant woman, who feels vomiting, it provides relief.  The effect of massage with clove oil is like camphor oil. Its decoction is used to make many perfumed products. The artificial vanilla asens which is found in coco, chocolate, ice-cream and other eatable products is also prepared with cloves.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Unconscious:

  • Apply ground cloves on the affected part; it breaks unconsciousness.
  • Grind cloves with ghee or milk and apply it in the eyes, it breaks unconsciousness caused by hysteria.

2. Fever:

Taking one ground clove with warm water thrice a day cures normal fever.

3. Anorexia:

Licking half gram powder of cloves with one gram honey in the morning regularly cures anorexia within some days.

4. Migraine:

  • Make a paste by grinding about 5 grams cloves with water and heat it lightly. After that, apply this paste on the temples, it cures migraine.
  • Grind about 10 grams cloves and about 10 grams tobacco leaves with water. Applying this preparation on the forehead cures migraine.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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