Lasoda spistan - लसोड़ा सपिस्तन - Sebesten - Cordia myxa

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Lasoda spistan - लसोड़ा सपिस्तन - Sebesten - Cordia myxa.

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Introduction :

        Vegetable trees are very large, its leaves are smooth. In South, Gujarat and Rajputana, people use garos instead of paan. The garlic has the same taste as the paan. The tree has three or four species, but the main ones are called lameera and lasoda. It is also quite famous as the name of small and large garbage. The garlic wood is smooth and strong. Frames are used for building work and it is also used in gunpoint. Along with that many other useful items are made.

          Its fruits are equal to the betel nut. The raw garlic greens and pickles are also made.Baked sweets are sweet and inside it are greasy and sweet juices, which makes the body fat.

Name of the word in different languages:

English name        - Sebesten, Glue berry, Pink pearl tree, Bird Lime tree, Fragrant manjack, snotty gobbles, glue berry, anonang,

                                pink pearl, bird lime tree, Indian cherry

Hindi name           - Lasoda, Dela, Tenti, Gunda

Latin name            - Cordia myxa
Arabic name         - Dilk
Bengali name        - Bahanari
Punjabi name        - Lasuda
Gujarathi name     - Vadagunda
Marathi name       - Bhonkar, Bhokar
Nepalese name     - Lasura
Telugu name         - Nakkera
Tamil name           - Vidi


Lsodhastomach and wheezing and makes soft chest and throat inflammation is beneficial. Iteliminates the defectsof bile from the squads andalso removes the flaws and emasculation of blood . It removes the bile and bloodstream andprevents thirst . Lasohad removes the burning of urine , fever , asthma and dry cough and chest pain . Eating its cornerscauses the burning of urine and gonorrhea .

          It is bitter, cold, cheeky, digestive and sweet. Using it, stomach worms , pain, phlegm, smallpox , boils , dysentery , and all kinds of toxins are destroyed. Its fruits are soft, sweet, bitter and light.

          Its ripe fruits are sweet, soft and nutritious, they are rustic, heavy and ending in vat.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Diarrhea: Dissolve the balsam in the water and it provides relief in diarrhea.

2. Cholera ( Chalera): Grating the bark of gram in the bark of gram is beneficial in cholera disease by feeding the cholera patient.

3. Throat diseases : Rinse with the decoction of the lice bark, all the throat diseases are cured.

4. Energizing: Make the powder of dry fruits and dry them. Mix this powder with sugar syrup and make the laddoos. By eating this the body is fat and the waist becomes strong.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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