Amla - आमला - Gooseberry - Emblica officinalis

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Amla - आमला - Gooseberry - Emblica officinalis.

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Introduction :

         Amla tree is grown in almost all the states of India. Amla's tree like basil is also considered sacred from a religious perspective. Women also worship it. Amla tree has a height of about 6 to 8 meters. Amla leaves are almost half an inch long like tamarind leaves. Its floral greens are found in very small clumps and fruit spherical diamonds are about 2.5 to 5 cm in diameter, yellow in color. The color of ripe fruits is reddish. Like the melon, 6 lines on the fruit are symbols of 6 segments. There are 6 kosi in karnal of fruits, small amounts of pulp, fibers and kernels are large, small amounts are more suitable for medicinal use.

Name In Different Languages:


          Ambulal Myobabalan, Indian Gosheri


          Amla, Amla, Anjaa


          Emblica officinalis


          Amalaki, Mahatri, Shiva


          Aubhavi, Navalakanti, Amla.


          Amla, Amla


          Amalaki, Amla, Angla


          Ascarious, late


          Nellikkaya, nectar fruit, organism


          Nilkai, Nelli



Properties :

        Amla gives young people the power of youth and youth like youth. As a tonic, Amla is similar to nectar for body and health.By taking medicines of any type of medicines regularly in the brain during the year, the brain gets cleavage and strength.Auspicious amla seems sweet to drink after drinking it.

         Amla green, fresh or dried, old, its properties are not destroyed. Its acidity protects its properties. Amla has been given great importance in Ayurveda, which is considered to be a chemical. Chyavanprash is a renowned chemical of Ayurveda, which uses common man as tonic. Vitamin 'C' is rich because of excessive amla . It enhances the health power in the body. Vitamins are very useful for skin, eye disease and hairstyle (hair). Vitamin C plays an important role in protecting from infection, keeping gums healthy, wound healing and bleeding.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Hair Disease

2. Burning of urine

3. For beautiful hair

4. Piles

5. Eyesight

Dosage :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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