Reetha - रीठा - Soap Nut - Acacia concinna

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Reetha - रीठा - Soap Nut - Acacia concinna.

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        There are two kinds of soapnut tree. First is Sapindus mukorossi and second one is sapindus trifoliytes. Trees of Sapindus mukorossi are found mostly in Himalayan region. Besides it, planted trees are found in North India and villages of Assam. Sapindus trifoliyates trees are found mostly in South India.  Its fruits grow in bunches and there are three fruits in a bunch. Its fruit looks like kidney but its shape looks like heart after separation. Its fruits appear like light red-brownish after ripening.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name      : Soap Pod, Soap Nut

Hindi Nam           : Kochi, Shikakai, Satala

Latin name          : Acacia concinna DC.

Urdu Name          : Shikakai

Bengali Name      : Ban Ritha

Chinese Name     : Rou guo jin he huan

Gujarati Name     : Chikakhai

Kannada Name    : Sheegae, Shige Kayi, Sigeballi

Marathi Name      : Sikakai, Shikakaayi

Sanskrit Name     : Saptala, Shitalaa, Kantvalli


Marks and flecks of the face are removed by applying ground peels of soap nut tree on the face. It fairs complexion. Burn its seeds and prepare ash. Mix double quantity of alum than ash. Teeth make strong, clean and neat by brushing with its powder. To cure hemicrania pour 2 drops of Soap nut tree peel ground with water into the nose. It is more pungent so it is unbearable but bear it. The patient does not become the victim of migraine again. Grind 20 grams its peel with 10 grams green vitriol (hara kasis) and prepare tablets like gram. Put these tablets in shadow. Taking one tablet on stale mouth for 10-12 days, piles moles destroy and this disease is cured. Grind 75 grams its kernel and mix 75 grams unrefined sugar (khaand) in it. To enhance sperm count, take 5 grams Soap nut tree powder with milk twice a day. Swallow 14 gram its ground kernel with cream to throw out the phlegm out. Asthma patient gets relief also if he takes it once a week. Epilepsy fits also stops if its patient takes 0.5 grams Soap nut tree powder with water in the morning.It is anti-tridosha (vatta, pitta and kaffa) and remains a person far from Grahas. Mostly it is used to reduce the poison of opium. It is also used for the treatment of kaffa and pitta.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Eyes Diseases:

Boil Soap nut tree with little water and apply this boiled water under eyelids. It provides relief.

2. Teeth Diseases:

Toast Soap nut tree seeds and grind. Mix this mixture with alum in equal quantity. Rub this mixture on teeth. Its use cures all the kinds of teeth diseases.
3. Blood Piles:
Separate seeds and other material from the soap nut. Toast the remaining substance on the grid except seeds. Mix papria catechu in it in equal quantity. After that grind and filter it through a cloth. Take 125 ml this medicine with butter or cream for seven days regularly. The patient should not take salt and sour things (khatai) during treatment.
4. Sperm count:
Grind soap nut and mix with equal quantity of jiggery. Take 1 teaspoon this preparation twice a day with one cup milk. Its use enhances sperm count.

Dosage :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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