Karanj - करंज - Indian Beech - Pongamia glabra

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Karanj - करंज - Indian Beech - Pongamia glabra.

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The trees of Indian beech are found in forests. Shadow of its tree is cool and dark. Its pods are long which have long and thick seeds. Its seeds contain bitter and thick oil. This oil contains 27 percent Pongemia oil which is used as fuel (burning). Grind the seeds of Indian beech with lemon juice and apply it on the ringworms. Its use provides relief.  Eat the sauce of Indian beech’s seeds to get rid of diabetes.

Pods of Indian beech: Pods of Indian beech are hot in nature and greasy. Its pods are used in the treatment of head problems, leprosy, piles and spermathorrhoea. These bring the phlegm out and destroy worms. Its pods are also useful to eliminate gas trouble. Ripe pods of Indian beech are pungent, hot in nature, bitter and vapid.

Indian beech oil: Oil of Indian beech is bitter, greasy and hot in nature. It checks vattadisorders and destroys worms. It is also useful to cure eye diseases and healing the wounds up caused by boils. It is used in the treatment of scabies, leprosy, wounds, itching, colic pain, piles and vagina diseases. It also eliminates gas trouble.

Name In Different Languages:

English Name    : Indian Beech, Karum Tree

Hindi Name       : Karanj, Kanj, Kanja, Karanjwa

Kannada Name  : Honge Beru, Hulagilu

Latin name         : Pongamia glabra Vent.

Urdu Name         : Karanjwa

Bengali Name     : Nata Karanja, Dahara Karanja

German Name     : Karanja-Baum

Gujarati Name     : Kanajo, Karanji, Kanjka, Kakach

Marathi Name      : Karanja, Ghanerakaranj, Sagargota

Persian Name      : Khaye Iblees, Khurmae Abujahal

Punjabi Name       : Karanj, Sukhchain, Paphri

Sanskrit Name      : Karanja, Karanjaka, Naktamala


        Indian beech eliminates stomach gas and brings the phlegm out. It is useful to cure vagina diseases, colic pain, piles, wounds, itching, skin diseases, stomach diseases, andspermatorrhoea and spleen problems. It alleviates poisoning and destroys worms. It also checks bile disorders.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Migraine:

Grind the seeds of Indian beech with warm water and mix a little jiggery (gur) in it. Pour this mixture into the nose to get rid of migraine.

2. Fever:

  • Take 30 milligrams powder of Indian beech seeds twice a day. Its use abates cures fever.
  • Take 60 to 120 milligrams powder of Indian beech’s seeds with equal quantity of black pepper twice a day. Its use gets rid of fever, intensive fever, influenza and malaria.
  • Take 10 to 20 ml juice of Indian beech’s leaves or 60 to 120 milligrams its root twice a day. Its use provides relief in fever.

3. Toothache:

Brushing with the twig of Indian beech tree is useful to end toothache.

4. Skin diseases:

Apply the oil of Indian beech on the skin to get rid of itching, wounds, leprosy and other diseases of the skin.

Dosage :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala

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