Giloy satva - गिलोय सत्व

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Giloy satva - गिलोय सत्व.

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          Tinospora creeper is found on about every where in India. Its creeper is evergreen and increases till many years. Its creeper spreads with the help of tinospora tree. The tinospora which spreads on the neem tree is the best. Its creeper spreads on the boundary-wall between tow fields or beds and rocks of the mountain too. Its leaves are smooth and in heart shape like betel leaf. The diameter of tinospora leaves is 2-4 inches. Its flowers appear in small groups which grow in the summer seasons. Its fruits are in egg shape like pea, smooth and appear in the groups. Its ripe fruits are red. Its seeds are white and smooth like slanting seeds.

Name in different languages:

English Name     : Moon Creeper, Heart-Leaved Moonseed, Indian Quinine

Hindi Name        : Giloe, Gulancha, Giloy

Latin name         : Tinospora cordifolia Miers

Urdu Name         : Gilo

Arabic Name       : Gilo

Bengali Name      : Gulanch, Gilo, Gadanch, Ningilo

Chinese Name     : Kuan chu hsing, Xin ye qing niu dan

French Name       : Plante grimpante de lune

German Name     : Mond-Kriechpflanze

Gujarati Name     : Gado, Galo, Gulo, Gulwel

Kannada Name    : Amrutaballi, Uganiballi

Kashmiri Name    : Amrita, Gilo

Marathi Name      : Gulvel, Giroli

Persian Name      : Gulbel

Punjabi Name      : Gilo

Sanskrit Name     : Guduchi, Madhparni, Amrita, Soma-valli


Tinospora can end chronic bile disorders and cure fever caused by blood diseases. It is useful for the treatment of coughjaundicevomiting and senselessness. It brings phlegm out and makes sperm count thick. It increases appetite and sperm count. It stops stool and makes the heart strong.

Useful in various diseases :

  •          Take tinospora with ghee, it eliminates gas.
  •          Tinospora should be taken with jiggery, is useful to eliminate constipation.
  •          Taking tinospora with loaf sugar is useful to end bile disorders.
  •          Phlegm is brought out by taking tinospora with honey.
  •          Tinospora can be taken with caster oil to eliminate gas.
  •          Rheumatism is cured by taking tinospora with dry ginger.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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