Guggal (pure) - गुग्गल - Gugal - Commiphora

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Guggal (pure) - गुग्गल - Gugal - Commiphora.

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Introduction :

          Guggul is a type of such drug that is found in high quantity in Rajasthan, it is found throughout India.Guggl, born on Abu Mountains, is considered to be the best. Its tree is elevated from 120 centimeters to 360 centimeters. On the branches of Guggul there are thorns. There are also brownish skins on the branches of the branches that appear to descend. Guggal's bark is light green and yellowish and brightly colored. Gigul leaves are small, bright, smooth and mixed together like neem leaves. Its fruits are long, round, three-edged, and red in color, similar to that of plum. The flowers of Guggal are small, five-fold with red color. The gum that emerges from the branches of the tree is called guggul. In this, various types of properties are found to cure the disease, which in turn leads to cure.

Name In Different Languages: -

English Name      : Gum, Gugal, Guggulipid, Mukul Myrrh

Hindi Name         : Gugal, Guggal

Latin name         : Commiphora mukul Hook. ex Stocks

Urdu Name         : Muqil, Guggal

Arabic Name       : Muqul Azraq, Muqul al-yahood

Bengali Name      : Guggul, Mukul

French Name       : Arbre à myrrhe

German Name     : Indische Myrrhe, Guggul-Baum

Gujarati Name     : Guggul, Gugar, Gugal

Kannada Name    : Kanthagana, Guggal, Mahishaksha guggulu, Guggulugida, Guggulu

Marathi Name      : Guggul, Mahishaksh, Guggule

Persian Name      : Bue Jahudan

Punjabi Name      : Guggal

Sanskrit Name     : Guggulu, Devadhoop, Palankas, Kanshikaha


 Guggal is the onewho produces pitta ,is recovering diarrhea . It is warm, rust and light. The properties of connecting broken bone are found in it. Itis the best chemical to clean semen and throat cleansing. Guggul Agnidipak (enhancer of hunger), is a force enhancer. It is beneficial to heal wounds , obesity , gonorrhea , stones etc. Guggaldestroysleprosy , amyat (joint pain), swelling and hemorrhoids . Having sweet juice in Guggal, it destroys cough due to this vat and kasale juice, due to bitta and tart juice.

Guggal is beneficial in diseases like dysentery , loss of appetite , constipation , piles , worms in the stomach, etc. Guggul should be used to remove impotence of weakness (Venus ), Venus (sperm) weaknessdue to excessive sexualactivity (cumulativepower). Guggal isbeneficial in removing infertility due to the properties of the uterus to give strength to the nerves.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Headache:

  •          Grind gogul with pane and after brushing the head 2-3 times a day, the headache ends.
  •          Grinding goggle in water and putting on the forehead eliminates headache.

2. Hiccup:

  •          Giglul rubbed in water and made a paste. Applying this coating on the navel removes hiccups.
  •          Mix gulagul into ghee and mix it like ointment, apply it on the upper part of the stomach, which results in the removal of hiccup.

3. Asthma: It will be beneficial to take about half to 1 gram of Guggal in the asthmatics with ghee on both occasions in the morning and evening.

4. Infertility : Combining goggle with 0.96 grams and butter in butter, take 3 doses per day from it and infertility is removed.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Courtesy : AyurvedShala