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  • Methi Dana (Organic) – मेथी दाना – Fenugreek Seeds – Trigonella foenum-graecum

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    Methi Dana – मेथी दाना –  Fenugreek Seeds – Trigonella foenum-graecum.

    Methi Name In Different Languages:

    Methi in English Name       : Fenugreek, Bird’s Foot, Greek Hayseed

    Methi in Hindi Name           : Methi

    Methi in Latin name           : Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn.

    Methi in Urdu Name           : Methi, Tukhme Hulba

    Methi in Arabic Name         : Hulba, Fareeqa

    Methi in Bengali Name       : Methi

    Methi in Chinese Name      : Hu lu ba

    Methi in French Name        : Fenugrec sénegré

    Methi in German Name      : Bockshornklee, Kuhhornklee, Griechisch-Heu

    Methi in Gujarati Name      : Methi

    Methi in Kannada Name    : Menthya

    Methi in Kashmiri Name     : Meeth

    Methi in Marathi Name      : Methi

    Methi in Persian Name      : Shamleez

    Methi in Punjabi Name      : Methi

    Methi in Sanskrit Name     : Methika, Methini


    Fenugreek is cultivated in almost all the states. Vegetables are made from fenugreek leaves. Its seeds are used in a variety of dishes for diet and as a medicine. Flowers and fruits of fenugreek are found in the months of January to March. Fenugreek plants are one feet high. Its leaves are small and round-shaped. Fenugreek seeds are called fenugreek seeds. It is also found in the Jagannis. Fenugreek found in forests is of low quality. Vegetables of fenugreek granules are made in Rajasthan, besides the vegetables, fodder leaves are made from Dhokles, Mithai and Gotas. Some people make mixed greens of mung and fenugreek seeds. Apart from this, pickle of raw mango and mixing fenugreek and other spices are prepared in it. This pickle is delicious and quality. In winter, fenugreek is consumed mostly in most of the houses.





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