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  • Kali Haldi – काली हल्दी – Long Zedoary – Curcuma caesia

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    Kali Haldi – काली हल्दी – Long Zedoary – Curcuma Zerumbet.

    Kali Haldi English Name     : Long Zedoary

    Kali Haldi Hindi Name        : Narkachoor, Kali Haldi

    Kali Haldi Latin name         : Curcuma zerumbet Roxb.

    Kali Haldi Urdu Name         : Narkachoor

    Kali Haldi Arabic Name       : Zarambad

    Kali Haldi Chinese Name     : E zhu, E shu

    Kali Haldi German Name     : Zitwer

    Kali Haldi Sanskrit Name     : Shati, Puthupalashika

    Kali Haldi Bengali: Kalihaldi

    Kali Haldi Marathi: Kalihaldar

    Kali Haldi Sanskrit: Krishna, Sveta

    Kali Haldi Kannada: Neel kari

    Kali Haldi Telugu: Nalla pasupu

    Kali Haldi Tamil: Manjal mullangi

    Kali Haldi Malayalam: Kurumulaku

    Therapeutic uses
    The rhizome of kali haldi has a bitter, sharp, hot taste, and a pleasant odour.

    It is used as a tonic for the brain and the heart.

    Morphological characteristics
    Black zedoary is an erect, rhizomatous herb, about 1.0–1.5 m high.

    The species occurs in moist deciduous forests, mostly in Bengal, North East, and Central India, within the altitudinal range of 200–1000 m.
    It grows as ground cover of forest area in subtropical to temperate region. It is a rare species and is mostly under cultivation.

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