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  • Jamalgota – जमालघोटा – Purging Croton – Croton Tiglium

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    Jamal ghota – जमालघोटा – Purging Croton – Croton Tiglium.

    Name in different languages:

    Sanskrit Jaipal.
    Hindi Jamagalpa
    English Paragraphic Croton
    flag Jamagalpa
    Gujarati Nepalese
    Bengali Jaipal.
    Latin Croton tiglium.

    In India, Jamalgota is grown in the gardens of Punjab, Assam, Bengal and South India, they grow automatically too. It is originally born in China. Jamal Gota trees are taller than 4.5 m to 6 m, like evergreen trees. Its leaves range from 2 to 4 inches long and thin, notched, smooth with 3 to 5 veins, which become light yellow on drying. Its flowers are small and white in the flowers. The fruits of Jamal Gota are divided into three parts, rectangular, about one inch in length of white color. Seeds are about half an inch long, elliptical, almond brown, easy to remove the cover. Jamal Gota yields three seeds. Flowers bloom in the month of summer and the fruits take place in the winter months.


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