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  • Jawakhar – जवाखार – Potassium Carbonate

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    Jawakhar – जवाखार – Potassium Carbonate – Yawakshar

    Jawakhar in Hindi name    – Jawakhar

    Jawakhar in Latin name    – Potassium Carbonate


    Jewel fertilizer relaxes swelling and cough,keeps urination and removes squats

    Useful in various diseases :

    1. Malaria fever : Grind 3 grams of jawakhar, powder of Peep and grind 3 grams by mixing it in jawakhar and making small amounts of equal size tablets. Take one tablet with hot water in the morning and evening.

    2. Kidney Disease:

    •          Combine both garlic and sugar in 2-2 grams. By grinding it with water, the stone breaks down and breaks down with urination. This mixture is relaxed every morning and evening.
    • Mix 5 grams of jackfruit in 250 ml of cow’s milk and drink it morning and evening and kidney stone is finished

    3. Liver disease: Consumption of jawakhar with whey provides relief from liver disease.

    4. Disease of mouth: Add jamkhar, five salt and honey and apply it on tongue, lips and throat bark. With this all the diseases of the mouth are cured.


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