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  • AAK – आक फूल – MADAR – Calotropis Gigantea

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    AAK – आक फूल – MADAR – Calotropis Gigantea.

    Aakra plant is 120-150 centimeters high. Mostly, it is found in forests. It is used as homeopathy medicine from the name of Calotropis Giagantea.

    Aak Name In Different Languages:

    Aak in English Name         – Swallow-wort, Calotropis, Milkweed, Mudar, Madar Tree Calotropis gigantea

    Aak in Hindi Name            – Akh, Ak, Madar, Safed Aak, Arkh

    Aak in Latin name            – Calotropis gigantea R.Br.

    Aak in Urdu Name            – Aak, Madar

    Aak in Arabic Name          – Ushar, Ashur

    Aak in Gujarati Name       – Aakado, Akado, Akda, Myhara, Retoakah

    Aak in Persian Name        – Zahar Nak, Kharaq, Zahook

    Aak in Sanskrit Name       – Arka, Alarka, Surya Patra, Mandara, Ravi, Bhanu, Tapana

    Bad affects removal: If someone has eaten over quantity of leaves, flowers or any other parts of calotropis and he is feeling bad effect of it, boil leaves of bastard teak (Plash) in water and give its water to him, it alleviates calotropis poisoning. If wound occurs on the body due to fall milk of calotropis, wash the affected part with above water because it provides relief in it too.

    Useful in various diseases :

    1. Piles:

    Drip three drops calotropis milk on sugar-cake (Batasa) and take, it provides relief in piles. This process should be used before sunrise.

    2. Migraine:

    If the pain decreases and increases with sunrise, the patient should eat sugar-cake with two drops calotropis milk before sunrise, it will provide relief soon.

    3. Stomachache:

    Grind bark of calotropis root, sal-ammoniac, ochre and black peppers one spoon each together there after mix half spoon ground camphor in it. After that, take half spoon this mixture with lukewarm water to get relief in stomachache, constipation, diarrhoea, spleen disorders, cold, cough, fever, hepatitis and other diseases of the stomach.

    4. Stone:

    Dissolve ten pieces flowers of calotropis with one glass milk and take it in the morning for forty days regularly, it brings stone out.



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