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  • Gazwan (Gao Zaban) – गजवान – Sedge – Onosma Bracteatum

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    Gazwan – Onosma Bracteatum

    Gazwan Herb is also known as Onosma bracteatum Wall, Gojihva, Gaozaban. It can be found in the Asia, Europe and Mediterranean regions. It is widely used as a Ayurveda herb that can cure pulmonary infections, Kidney Stones and Kidney Disease. Gazwan contains potassium, calcium and other minerals, which give the herb its pharmacological properties. As an expectorant, it also cures the symptoms of the common cough and bronchitis.

    Onosma bracteatum is known by several common names in different regions, including:

    1. Golden Rain: This is a reference to the plant’s bright yellow flowers that bloom in clusters, resembling a rain of golden light.
    2. Bhrinjvan: This is a Sanskrit name used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.
    3. Gokharu: This is a common name used in India.
    4. Sonapatha: This is a Bengali name used in East India.

    Deccan Pennywort: This name is used in reference to the plant’s distribution in the Deccan Plateau region of India.

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