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  • Safed Til – सफ़ेद तिल – WHITE SESAME SEEDS – SESAMUM INDICUM

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    Safed Til – सफ़ेद तिल – WHITE SESAME SEEDS – SESAMUM INDICUM

    Mostly, sesame is used with food in the winter season. There are three kinds of sesame according to color as- white, red and black. Mostly, black sesame is used in the medicines. Sesame and sugar are used to make rebri. It is grown in enough quantity in India. Sesame can be grown alone or with crop of cotton or cattail or myrabalan chebulie or groundnut. India is excellent place to grow sesame.

    Sesame oil: Sesame oil is heavy, wet and warm in nature. It increases body strength, memory power, Wellness power and appetite. It helps in stool clearly and improves the skin color. It cleans and purifies the uterus. It normalizes vatta, pitta and kahpa. It is useful for the treatment of blood disorders caused by bile, diabetes, ears pain, Vulva pain and headache.

    Name in different languages:

    English                :        Gingeli sesame

    Hindi                   :        Til, Tilli ka tel

    Sanskrit               :        Til, Tilli ka tel

    Gujarati               :        Tal, Bheethu tel

    Marathi                :        Til, Gouda tel

    Bengali                :        Til

    Parsian                :        Kunjand,     Rogan kunjand

    Arab                    :        Sheeraj, Simsim, Samsam, Hul

    Scientists             :        Setumun orintel

    Color: white

    Taste: Its juice is bitter, sweet, pungent and spicy.

    Structure: One year’s plant of sesame is soft and hairy. Its tree is about 15-36 inches high. Its leaves’ upper part is simple, rectangle and in garland shape. Its leaves’ front part has lines and middle part is conical. Its leaves sides are divided in many parts like teeth. Its flowers are one and half inches long, purple, white and with yellow marks. Its pods are 2 inches long, quartern and front part is blunted.

    Nature: Sesame is heavy, hot in nature and smooth. The light yellow liquid, which is extracted from sesame, is called sesame oil or sweet oil. Its offensive smell is interested. Its oil contains protein elements. Its seeds contain sisemolin, simemia, lypage, pradhanta, oitic, nicotinic acid, pamitic and linolic acid. Its seeds also contain styaric and glysraidus of arecidic acid in less quantity.

    Precaution: Pregnant woman should not take sesame because it is very harmful for her.

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