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  • Sugar Badam – शुगर बादाम – Diabetes Almond – Swietenia Macrophylla

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    Sugar Badam is also known as Sugar Badam Kadwa, Samundari Badam, Miracle Fruit, Sky Fruit, King Fruit, Diabetes Bitter Almonds, Samundari Badam, Miracle Fruit, Sky Fruit, King Fruit.

    Suagr Badam Name in different languages:

    Suagr Badam in English           –             Sweet almond

    Suagr Badam in Hindi              –             Baadam (Meetha)

    Suagr Badam in Latin              –             Prunus amygdalsu

    Suagr Badam in Sanskrit          –             Vatad (Madhur), Vatabh, Vatbeeri, Netropam phal

    Suagr Badam in Marathi           –             Baadam

    Suagr Badam in Gujrati            –             Baadam

    Suagr Badam in Bengali           –             Bilayati baadam


    Sweet almond is heavy, smooth, sweet, hot and stimulant. It brings the stool out easily. It is expectorant. It increases the bile and urine. Sweet almond enhances sperm count, body strength and vigour. It also increases breast milk and regulates disturbed menstrual excretion. It makes the nerves-system strong. Sweet almond is used in the cases of vattadisorders, weaknesses of nerve and brain, dyspepsia, cough caused by Vatta, anuria and dysuria, white leucorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea.


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