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  • Kalmegh – कालमेघ – Chirayta Nepali – Swertia chirata Buch

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    Kalmegh – कालमेघ – Chirayta Nepali – Swertia chirata Buch.

    Name in different languages:

    English The Cret.
    Hindi Kalmegh
    Latin Swertia chirata Buch
    Gujarati Lilu, rent
    Bungalow Kammegh, Mahatita, Aluai
    Sanskrit Yavatakta, Kirta Tikta, Kalamegh
    Flag Hail rent, hire

    Quality :

    Kalmegh is small, sharp and sharp in size. Its fruits are bitter, nutritious and warm semen.

    Kalmegh is the removing cough, stimulating the mind and brain , and enhancing digestive power. It removes the udder and stimulates the liver (liver) . By using it the bile remains normal and the blood remains clean. This diarrhea removes disease , destroys stomach worms , removes swelling and cleanses sweat.

    Kalmegh is used to fix white stains (leprosy) , fever and old fever etc. Due to the disease,it is used to remove the weakness in the child. Itcleans the blood and cures syphilis. It is used by mixing with blood cleansing substances, which makes it clean by reacting rightly in the blood. The effect of Kalmegh in fever is like quinine, but the effect of Kalmegh is slightly less than that.



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