Ajmod – अजमोद – Parsley – Apium graveolens


Ajmod – अजमोद – Parsley – Apium graveolens.

Ajmod Name In Different Languages:

Ajmod English Name       : Celery, Marsh Parsley, Smallage

Ajmod Hindi Name          : Ajmod, Bari Ajmod

Ajmod Latin name           : Apium graveolens Linn.

Ajmod Urdu Name           : Ajmod, Karafs, Karfas

Ajmod Arabic Name         : Karafs, Bazr al-karafs al-jabalee

Ajmod Bengali Name        : Randhani, Banjoyan, Banyamani, Chanu

Ajmod German Name       : Sellerie, Epf, Eppich, Geilwurz, Sällerie, Schoppenkrud, Zellerich

Ajmod Kannada Name      : Oma, Ajavana, Omakki

Ajmod Persian Name        : Tukhme Karafs, Karsab, Karfas

Ajmod Punjabi Name        : Valjawain, Ajmod, Bhutghata

Ajmod Sanskrit Name       : Ajmoda



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Parsley qualities are equal of caraway but parsley piece are big than caraway piece. Parsley is found in all over India but specially is sown in the winter season in Bengal. It is excessively found in north and west zones of Himalaya, on the hills of Punjab, in west India and Faaras. Its flower appears in February-March and turns into fruit in March-April months after that the plant get lose its life.


  •          Parsley increases epilepsy and its root may be harmful for the lungs. The patient who suffers from epilepsy should not take parsley.
  •          Eating parsley causes inflammation in the chest. It excites the uterus, so pregnant women should not take it.


Parsley is useful to cure asthma, dry cough and internal cold. It eliminates gas from thestomach and increases appetite. It is also useful for the liver and spleen. It brings out urine and breaks stone. Its root is useful in all the types of phlegm disorders and digestive activity.

Useful in various diseases :

1. For the brain:

Taking tea of parsley root is useful for the nerves and brain.

2. Urine disorders:

The patient, who suffers from urine disorders, should take 2-5 grams powder of parsley root twice a day because it ends urine problems.

3. Joints pain (Rheumatism):

Make the fine powder by grinding equal quantity of parsley, barbering, cedar, lead wort, pepper root, aniseed, long pepper, black pepper 10 grams each and myrabalan chebulie, elephant creeper and dry ginger 100 grams each together. Mix six grams this powder with old jaggery and give it to patient with lukewarm water thrice a day. It is useful to end swelling, joints pain, back pain, thigh pain and pain caused by vatta.

4. Headache:

Make the powder by grinding parsley, orrisa root, costus root, long pepper, dry ginger, turmeric, cumin seed and liquorices 20 grams each together. Filter this mixture and mix it with five grams ghee. This mixture should be taken with light hot milk or water to increase brain power. It also ends headache.

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