Amaltash Guda – अमलताश गूदा – Pudding Pipe – Cassia Fistula


Amaltash Guda – अमलताश गूदा – Pudding Pipe – Cassia Fistula.

Amaltash Name In Different Languages:

Amaltash in English                  –         Pudding Pipe Tree

Amaltash in Hindi                     –         Amaltaas, Dhanbahera

Amaltash in Sanskrit                 –        Aargwadh, Rajverksh, Nerpdrum, Hempushp

Amaltash in Marathi                  –        Baahwa

Amaltash in Gujarati                 –        Garmalo

Amaltash in Bengali                  –        Sondal, Sonalu

Amaltash in Punjabi                  –        Amaltaas, Nirdnalee

Amaltash in Telugu                   –        Relchattoo

Amaltash in Kannada                –        Kakkemar

Amaltash in Arabic                    –        Khiyarshambar

Amaltash in Dravidi                   –        Konnebhar, Shakkone

Amaltash in Assami                   –        Sonas

Amaltash in Latin                      –        Cassia Fistula





Pudding Pipe tree is very big, which height is 25-30 feet high. Its bark is dusty and with some redness. Mostly, its tree is found on everywhere. It is also planted in gardens, homes and other places for decoration. It is found in field area and forests of Dehradun (Name of city) in enough quantity. Its leaves are about one foot long, smooth and like blackberry leaves. Its leaves are fallen down in March-April months. Its flower are one and half to two and half (1.5-2.5) inches diameter and bright and yellow in color. Its flowers increase beauty of the tree. Flowers have no any smell. Flower’s bud is two feet long and in roll shape. Its raw buds are green and ripe are black in color, which hang on the tree in the morning for whole year. Bud has 25 to 100 seeds, which are flat and light yellow. The seeds have black pulp, which is used for medicine. Its bark is used for coloring of leather and making rope after dyeing and removing silk.


Its juice is sweet and delicious in taste, cool in nature, heavy in digest and smooth and brings out phlegm. It clears the stomach and is useful for the treatment of fever, inflammation, heart diseases, blood disorders caused by bile, gas disorders, pain, stomach gas, spermtorrhoea, urine disorders, rheumatism, throat problems, intestinal pain, blood warmth and eye diseases

Useful in various diseases :

1. Throat problems:

  • Boil ten grams root of pudding pipe with 200 milliliters water until it remains fourth parts then filter it. After that, take 1 spoon this decoction thrice a day to get relief in swelling, pain and tonsils of the throat quickly.
  • Swelling of the throat and throat pipe is ends by gargling with decoction of bark of pudding pipe tree.

2. Skin diseases:

  • Make a paste by grinding leaves of pudding pipe with vinegar and coat it on the affected part, it cures ringworm, itching, scabies, ulcer, pimples, etc. skin diseases. This process should be used minimum one week. Grind panchang (Leaf, root, flowers, fruit and flower) with water and make a paste from it. After that, coat this paste on the affected part to cure all the types of skin diseases.
  • Grind equal quantity of leaves of pudding pipe, oleander and garden night shade with whey and thereafter coat it on the affected part to cure the skin diseases.

3. Loose-motion:

Boil ten grams pulp of pudding pipe buds and 5 grams bark of terminalia chebula (which is used for coloring) with 470 ml water until it remains 1/8 parts then put it down and mix loaf-sugar. After that, give this decoction to the patient, it helps in stool clearly.

4. Piles:

  • Grind 10 grams pulp of pudding pipe buds, 6 grams terminalia chebula and 10 grams dry grapes and thereafter boil it with 500 ml water until it remains 1/8 parts then put it down and make the patient drink in the morning regularly. Using this process provides benefit within four days. This decoction is also useful in the condition of blood disorders caused by bile, retention of urine and fever. It clears the loose motions and increases appetite.
  • Mix rock salt and ghee in a decoction of pudding pipe and thereafter give it to the patient; it stops bleeding and cures piles.

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