Anantmool – अनन्तमूल – Indian Sarsaparilla – Hemidesmus indicus


Anantmool – अनन्तमूल – Indian Sarsaparilla – Hemidesmus indicus.

Anantmool Name In Different Languages:                        

Anantmool English name          – Indian Sarsaparilla

Anantmool Hindi name             – Anantmool, Kapuri

Anantmool Latin Name             – Hemidesmus indicus

Anantmool Sanskrit name        – Sariva, Ananta, Asfota, Utpal Sariva, Shyama, Canadana, Gopi, Gopavalli

Anantmool Marathi Name         – Upalsari, Uparsal.

Anantmool Gujarati name        – Kapuri, Upalasari

Anantmool Tamil name            – Nannari

Anantmool Kannada Name       – Sogade beru

Anantmool Hindi and Bengali    – Anantamul, Kapuri

Anantmool Telugu name          – Sungandhipala, Muttavapylagamu

Anantmool Malayalam Name    – Naruninti Latin Name: Hemidesmus indicus, Periploca indica

Anantmool Common Name      – Sariva, Sugandhi-pala, Gopasutaa, Krishodari, Sphotaa, Utpalsaarivaa, Kapuuri, Nannaari, Dugdhgarbhaa, Ushbaa Hindi, Suganthipala





Indian sarsaparilla is a creeper, which is found in the states of sea bank to all hills areas in India in enough quantity. It has two kinds as- black and white. These are also known by the names of Gourisar and Kalisar. It is called Shwet saariva and Krishna saariva in Sanskrit language. Its creeper is thin, 5 to 15 feet long and spreads on earth and trees. Its black branches, which spread around, are thick as finger and brown fiber appears upon it. The leaves are like egg shape (which appear on front of each other) and 1 to 4 inches long and with lines of white color. If someone plucks its leaves,  a type of milk comes out from it. Its flowers are small and white with greenness from external and purple from internal, which appear in blossom of without smell. Its five flowers with petals (which are like clove) appear in the winter season. Many little and thin pods grow in October-November month, which burst after ripening. Its root has a smell like camphor with sandal. Fragrant roots are the best for medicinal work. By plucking fresh root of creeper milk comes out from it.



According to Ayurveda, the hemidesmus is smooth, cool in nature, heavy in digestible and bitter, sweet and spicy in taste and fragrant. It increases sperm count and normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha. It also purifies the blood and increases anti-biotic power in the body. It causes sweat and helps in urination clearly. It increases appetite and body strength. It cures skin diseases, fever and indigestion. It is also useful for the treatment of cough, bloody disorders, indigestion, inflammation, body foul smell, itching, joints pain, wound and breathing problems. It alleviates poison effects too and quenches thirst.

According to Unani, hemidesmus is cool and wet in nature. It causes sweat and purifies the blood. It increases urine quantity and ends foul smell of the body.

According to scientists, after the chemical researching of Indian-Sarsaparilla, it is found that it contains 0.22 percent flying oil, which eighty percent fragrance part is calledPairanethaksee Salicylic Aldihide. Besides it, it contains Beta Syto Sterol, Saiponin, Resin, Resin acid, Alf and Beta asirins, Lupiyol, Tannins, Resin acid, Glaikaisides, Tetrasicleek Tri spin Alcohol and Kitons in less quantity too. These elements develop skin blood arteries and make blood speed normal. The activity of this medicine excessively appears on the blood.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Blood purifier:

Boil 100 grams powder of Indian sarsaparilla, fifty grams aniseed and ten grams cinnamon with water and thereafter filter it. After that, take this preparation twice or thrice a day regularly to purify the blood. It cures many types of skin diseases.

2. Blood purifier:

Boil 100 grams powder of Indian sarsaparilla, fifty grams aniseed and ten grams cinnamon with water and thereafter filter it. After that, take this preparation twice or thrice a day regularly to purify the blood. It cures many types of skin diseases.

3. Joints pain:

One should take three grams powder of Indian sarsaparilla with honey thrice a day to get relief in joints pain.

4. Inflammation:

Fry powder of indian sarsaparilla with ghee and thereafter take about half to one gram this powder with five grams loaf-sugar for some days regularly. It is useful to end body inflammation caused by typhoid and small pox (Chechak).

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