Anar Chilka – अनार छिलका – Pomegranate – Punica granatum


Anar Chilka – अनार छिलका – Pomegranate – Punica granatum.

Anar Name In Different Languages:

  • Hindi: Anar
  • Bengali: Dadam
  • Marathi: Dadam
  • Tamil: Madulai
  • Telugu: Dalimba
  • Kannada: Dalimbikaayi
  • Malayalam: Mathalam
  • Persian: Anar
  • Sanskrit: Dalimba
  • Spanish: Granada
  • French: Grenade
  • German: Granatapfel


The pomegranate tree is grown everywhere in our country. Pomegranates grown in Afghanistan and northern part of India are very juicy and of good quality.Pomegranate trees are about 6 meters high, with many branches. Its bark is smooth, thin, yellow or dark brown. The leaves are a few long and wide and the flowers are in orange and red, sometimes in yellow or 5-4 petals, in single or 3-4 clusters. The fruit of pomegranate is round, about 2 inches in diameter. After removing the peel of its fruit there are rosy grains of white, red or pink. With the view of juice, this fruit is of sweet, sour, sweet and three kinds of sour. Not only fruit of pomegranate, but also its tree is rich in medicinal properties. More properties are found in buds and peels than fruits.

Quality :

The intake of pomegranates reduces the lack of blood in the body , it softens the stomach, brings urine, is beneficial for the heart. Eliminates thirst. Strengthens the metal, nourishes each part of the body. It is useful in various diseases. The fine powder of Anardana is tasty, digestive and appetizing, and it is beneficial in cerebral, aerobic, indigestion, diarrhea , throat diseases, weakness and cough .

According to scientific opinion, humidity is 78 percent, carbohydrate is 14.5 percent, protein is 1.6 percent, fat is 0.1 percent. Apart from this, there are phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, acidic acid, copper, iron, sulfur, tannins, sugar and vitamins . 25% in fruit bark, 25% in stem pulp, 11% in leaves and 28% tannin in root bark.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Nose bleeding or hemorrhoids:

  • Nose juice in the nose stops bleeding from the nose.
  • Remove the original juice of pomegranate flowers and durva (grass called dub), putting it in the nose and putting it on the palate, due to heat, the flow of blood from the nose immediately closes.

2. body heat :

Drinking the pomegranate juice in the water, the heat of the body increased in summer days.

3. Eyesight:

The heat of the eyes is removed by pouring the juice of pomegranate grains into the eyes.

4. Blood vessel:

About 7-14 ml pomegranate fruit juice should be given twice a day. It provides benefits in the bloodstream.

Disclaimer :

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