Brahmi – ब्राह्मी – Indian Pennywort – Centella asiatica


Brahmi – ब्राह्मी – Indian Pennywort – Centella asiatica.

Brahmi Name In Different Languages: 

Brahmi English Name     : Indian Pennywort, Gotu Kola

Brahmi Hindi Name        : Brahmi

Brahmi Latin name         : Centella asiatica Linn.

Brahmi Urdu Name         : Brahmi Buti

Brahmi Bengali Name      : Thankhuni, Tholkuri

Brahmi Chinese Name     : Ji xue cao, Chi-hsing

Brahmi French Name       : Bevilaqua Centella asiatica Linn

Brahmi German Name     : Indischer Wassernabel, Tigergras, Asiatischer Wassernabel, Sumpfpfennigkraut

Brahmi Gujarati Name     : Kharbrahmi

Brahmi Kannada Name    : Urage, Vonelega

Brahmi Marathi Name      : Brahmi

Brahmi Persian Name      : Sardeturkastan

Brahmi Punjabi Name      : Brahmi Buti

Brahmi Sanskrit Name     : Mandukaparni, Manduki






The plants of Indian pennywort are found widely in Himalayan areas from Haridwar to way of Badrinarayna.These plants are considered the best. The stem of Indian pennywort’s plant spreads over the earth. Its stem’s burl has root, leaves, flowers as well as fruits. Its leaves are bitter in taste and have black marks. The flowers of Indian pennywort are small, white, blue and pink. Its fruits are round with a little length and sharp from the frontal portion. Its fruits have yellow and small seeds. The root of Indian pennywort is small and thin like threads. Its flowers blossom in summer season.



Indian pennywort sharpens the brain and increases life. Its use remains far a person from old age. It abates fever and enhances memory power. Indian pennywort is a good remedy in cough,swelling, white flecks, jaundice, spermatorrhoea, insanity and blood disorders. It eliminates bile and ends hoarseness. It is useful for the heart and makes the throat clean. The fool and idiot person becomes wise and scholar by taking its right quantity. A person who studies grammar and seer follow this process. Properties of Indian pennywort are similar to Manduk parni. It is used for preparing Bramhi ghee, Bramhi chemical, Bramhi pak, Bramhi oil, Sarvastrisht andSarswat powder.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Eyes diseases:

Toast 3 to 6 grams leaves of Indian pennywort with ghee and mix rock salt in it. Take this preparation thrice a day. Its use provides relief in eye diseases.

2. Memory power:

  • Grind 10 ml juice of dry Indian pennywort, 1 almond seed and 3 grams of black peeper with water and make a packet of 3 grams of this preparation. Take one packet with milk twice a day if you want to sharpen the brain.
  • Make a powder by grinding 3 grams Indian pennywort, 3 grams chois (shankhpushpi), 6 grams almond seeds and 3 grams small cardamom together. Grind this powder with a little water and filter it. Thereafter mix a little sugar-candy in this preparation. Drinking this preparation is a good remedy in cough, bilious fever and chronic insanity.

3. High blood pressure:

Taking 1-teaspoon juice of Indian pennywort’s leaves with half spoon honey normalizes high blood pressure.

4. Measles:

Mix honey in the juice of Indian pennywort and drink. The use of this medicine cures measles.

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