Daru Haldi – दारू हल्दी – Indian Barberry – Berberis aristata


Daru Haldi – दारू हल्दी – Indian Barberry – Berberis aristata.

Daru Haldi Name In Different Languages:

Daru Haldi English Name      : Indian Barberry

Daru Haldi Hindi Name         : Rasaut (Root Bark Extract), Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries)

Daru Haldi Latin name          : Berberis aristata DC.

Daru Haldi Urdu Name          : Rassaut (Root Bark Extract), Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries), Sumblo

Daru Haldi Arabic Name        : Ameerbaarees, Barbarees (Root), Zarashk, Zirishk (Berries)

Daru Haldi Bengali Name      : Rasanjan, Darhaldi, Daruhaldi

Daru Haldi Gujarati Name     : Rasvanti, Daruharidra

Daru Haldi Kannada Name    : Rasajan, Mard Risin

Daru Haldi Marathi Name      : Rasvat, Daruhalad

Daru Haldi Persian Name      : Filzahrah (Root), Zarishk (Berries)

Daru Haldi Sanskrit Name     : Daruharidra, Daruhaldi, Darvi





The trees of Daruhaldi grow themselves in the Himalayan region as bushes. It is also found in areas of hills like Bihar, Parasnath and Nilgiris. Its tree is 150 to 480 cm high, thornyand bushy. Its stem is of 8-9 inch thickness.Its prickly leaves are 2 to 3 inches tall. Its flowers are in white or yellow in clusters on 2-3-inch long mansions. Its fruit is known as jariskh. Its root is yellowish and nigble.Turmeric -like yellow bitter, light scent roots are sold only. Due to its full yellowness in the stem and root, its name is dharahaldi. It does not match with the common turmeric. Its 6 species are found. But in properties it is almost identical.


The properties of darwaldi are similar to turmeric. In particular,it is a lesion ,gonorrhea , itching and blood disorder , itdestroys skin defects , poisons and eye diseases .

According to ayurvedic opinion: Ayurvedic opinion is that the diarrhea is short, the taste is hot in taste, kashila, acrid, hot, digestive encephalic, nutritious, hemostatic, hepatic stimulant, coughing, wound researcher and swelling in thetasir. Itis useful in diseases such as fever , white blood and blood pressure , eye disorders , skin disorders , uterus diseases , jaundice ,stomach worms , mouth disease , teeth – gum disease, gestation of pregnancy etc.

According to Greek medicine: Its fruit is considered as a great medicine in the Greek method.Itis beneficial forgastric, liver and heart. The intake of liver andMede (stomach)upsets to diarrhea loss, irregularity of menstruation , swelling and hemorrhoids relief of suffering.

According to the scientific opinion: According to the scientific opinion, when analyzing the chemical organization of Darwhaladi, it is known that there are many alkaloid present in it. In which yellowish bitter, Barberryine is the water-soluble alkylides chief. Berberin sulfate using boils are found to be quite beneficial in treatment.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Cancers : – Keeping the milk of Dudhur and Aak (Madar) milk with a powder of darvastli and keeping it in the canker of the anus (wound scarring) brings relief quickly.

2. jaundice jaundice ‘s disease ): – the font of Daruhldi drink honey gravis disease (jaundice) are quiet.

3. Inflammation : – Applying made of dhirrupal 2-3 times, removes the stiffness of the swelling and gives relief in pain.

4. Diarrhea : – Grind the root of the darval root and mix the bite with equal quantity. Drinking 1 teaspoon 3 times in a day stops diarrhea.

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