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    • Strengthens reproductive health
    • Improves vitality and stamina
    • Balances body energies
    • Promotes overall well-being
    • Increase stamina
    • Increase Timing
    • Remove body pain
  • Ingredients: Safed chandan, Pahadi Imli, Vidari Kand, Gond Katira, Dhaga mishri and Bel Giri
  • Usage: Take 5 gm Powder twice daily with warm water or milk

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Dhatu Rog, a condition often linked to the depletion of the body’s vital tissues, can lead to various health issues, particularly affecting men’s reproductive health. Dhatu Yog works at the root level, strengthening the reproductive system, boosting vitality, and enhancing stamina. Dhatu Yog, known for its adaptogenic properties, helps in managing stress and improving energy levels. Dhatu Yog, a potent rejuvenator, supports strength and endurance.Dhatu Yog is renowned for their aphrodisiac properties, promoting sexual health and vigor.

Regular use of Dhatu Yog helps in balancing the body’s energies, improving overall wellness, and ensuring a harmonious state of health. It not only aids in combating fatigue and weakness but also supports mental clarity and focus. Whether you seek to improve your daily performance or address specific health concerns, Dhatu Yog offers a natural and effective solution.


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