Gond Katira – गोंद कतीरा – Indian Tragacanth – Cochlospermum gossypium


Gond Katira – गोंद कतीरा – Indian Tragacanth – Cochlospermum gossypium.

Katira is a kind of glue that is used to remove various types of diseases.

Gond Katira Name in different languages:

Gond Katira in English Name      : Indian or Country Tragacanth

Gond Katira in Hindi Name         : Katira Gond, Katira

Gond Katira in Latin name          : Cochlospermum gossypium DC.

Gond Katira in Urdu Name          : Gond Katira

Gond Katira in Arabic Name        : Katheera, Haloosiyaa

Gond Katira in  Bengali Name      : Katila

Gond Katira in French Name       : Gomme Adragante

Gond Katira in German Name     : Cochlospermum gossypium-Gummi, Kutira-Gummi

Gond Katira in Kannada Name    : Barugadamara

Gond Katira in Persian Name      : Koon, Katira


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Ktira the thick blood of the body , the heart is overcome stiffness and makes it stronger by far the throat of the intestines. It prevents bleeding from the body , removesbreathlessness , destroys cough andremoves cough . Iteliminateschest scarring and lung wounds . It is also usedto remove the poison , especially the person with a hot temperament poison. Pee irritation , Masiksrav come lower , limbs burning , irritation of the scalp , dryness ,Excessive thirst diseases are cured.

Useful in various diseases :

1. Urinary problems : 10 grams 20 sorbet with Gram Ktira morning Fulakr sugar is beneficial in Gotkr drinking Nephrology.

2. Dysentery : Soak soaked 6 grams in 250 ml water. Draining of katiara in the morning and mixing 10 grams of sugar togetherhelps tocure dysentery.

3. Headache: Keepabout 4 grams of hennaflakesand about 3 grams of katira soaked in pottery and in the morning drink grinded with sugar candy. Apart from headaches, burning and burning of head hair is also closed.

4. Throat lump : Grinding 10 to 20 grams of katiara and mixing it with sugar mixed in the morning and evening, all the diseases of the throat are cured.

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