Gudhal phool – गुडहल फूल – sharon – Hibiscus

Gudhal phool – गुडहल फूल – sharon – Hibiscus.

Gudhal Name in different languages:

English Shaw Flover, China Ros
Latin Hibiscus rosa cinensis
Hindi Cuddle
Gujarati Jasus
flag Jasund, Jasundi
Telugu Dasani, Pabbu, Dasamu
Punjabi Cuddle
Arabic Angira
Persian Angira
Bengali Thank you
Carnatic Dasnal
The Tamil Kemberte
Malayalam Chemburutti


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Gudhal plant is planted in India due to the beauty of its flowers in gardens, house gardens, karias and gardens of the temple. Knowledge of its medicinal properties is very few people, there are many types of properties to cure diseases. Gudhal’s plant is mostly up to 150 to 270 centimeters. Its plant remains green all the time. The leaves are 3 cm long and 2 cm wide and they are smooth, shiny, shaven and crisp. The flowers of Gudhal are dark red and saffron colors in the form of 4 to 6 inches diameter, through which the stamens appear to be turned outwards. Gudhal pod is spherical and has many seeds in it. In making the drugs, the flower of coconut is used in more quantity.

Many types of Gudhal are found, such as white, red, geru, etc. White Gudhal is more beneficial. After cutting lemon from the red jaggery juice on a knife, juice of the color similar to blood gets released from inside.

Gudhal Plants are planted around the house and temples due to its attractive colors, natural beauty and extremely breathtaking hourly floral. The flower of Gudhal is seen in a lot of colors, double, triple, red, white red, purple-yellow, orange etc. Gudhal with white or white-red flowers is very special.


Gudhal is cold, sweet, greasy. It can be consumed to increase strength in the body.It issupposed to bring vomiting and growth of insects in the stomach. It cures hair diseasesthroughits intake. The flowers of coconut are light, stool disrupted and bitter. Its flower works to enhance hair. It pleases the heart. Its flower removes fungal medicines from winter. It isbeneficial to eat theleaves of flowers and fruitsin the state of pombery (insanity) .Gudhalenhances memory power (brain power) Gudhal makes the brain strong. It strengthens the metal to enhance intercourse power .

Useful in various diseases :

1. Hair fall:

  • By eating 5 buds of coconut with sugar daily for 14 days, hair loss stops.
  • Applying the flowers of Gudhal flowers daily in hair is stopped by the hair.
  • By removing baldness, grinding Gudhal flowers in black cow’s urine increases hair and baldness is also removed.

2. Disease:

Boil after adding sesame oil in equal quantity of juice of Gudhal, after which filter it and fill it in the vial. Applying this oil improves alcoholic disease.

3. Heart weakness:

  • Eating 8-10 flower juices with 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed with sugar twice daily, weakens the weakness (weakness).
  • Regularly grinding three-four buds of coconut in a state of cardiovascular discomfort and taking it in the morning after taking it in the evening, it is very beneficial.

4. Destruction of bile:

Pouring sugar in the juice of white cucumber leaves gives relief in the elimination of bile.

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