Inderjo Meetha – इन्द्रजौ मीठा – Sweet lndarjao – Wrightia tinctoria


Inderjo Meetha – इन्द्रजौ मीठा – Sweet lndarjao – Wrightia tinctoria.

Inderjo Meetha Name in different languages:

Inderjo Meetha English Name      : Sweet lndarjao, Easter Tree, Ivory Tree

Inderjo Meetha Hindi Name         : Safed Kuda, Metha Kuda, Khinna, Kutaja

Inderjo Meetha Latin name          : Wrightia tinctoria R. Br.

Inderjo Meetha Urdu Name          : Indarjao Shirin

Inderjo Meetha Bengali Name      : Indrajav

Inderjo Meetha Chinese Name     : Tao tiao pi

Inderjo Meetha German Name     : Färber-Oleander

Inderjo Meetha Gujarati Name     : Mitha Indarjava, Gode Indarjava

Inderjo Meetha Kannada Name    : Kiridosige, Kodamurki, Hale

Inderjo Meetha Marathi Name      : Mitha Indarjava, Gode Indarjava

Inderjo Meetha Persian Name      : Zaban Kunjashk

Inderjo Meetha Punjabi Name      : Indarjao Mitha

Inderjo Meetha Sanskrit Name     : Svetakutaja, Strikutaja, Kutaj Beej





Introduction :

Indrajo plant is a wild plant. Its plant is 5-10 feet high. Its leaves are long like almond leaves. These leaves are used very much in Konkan of Maharashtra. Its floral curry is made. There are legumes, which are thin and long, these beans are also made of greens and pickles. Seeds like barley from inside the beans . It is called Indrajoo. It is harmful for people withheadache and general nature. Coriander is added to remove its flaws . We can also compare it to nutmeg . Its flowers are bitter too. A dish of theirs is also made. Indrajo tree has two castes and these two are different.

Kali Indray Barley : 

  •          Kali Indra Barley trees grow larger.
  •          The leaves of black india barley are mild black.
  •          Black india barley tree beans are two times the white Indrajo tree bean.
  •          Black indra barley becomes more hot.
  •          Black indrajo piles herbs, skin disorders and bile. And the destruction of blood, dirt, leprosy , diarrhea (diarrhea) , phlegm, stomach worms , fever and irritation . All the attributes of the rest of the black Indrajo are similar to those of white Indra barley.

White Indra Barley:

  •          White indra barley trees are smaller than black indra barley.
  •          The leaves of white indra barley are light white.
  •          White orange barley beans are slightly shorter.
  •          White indra barley is lightly warm.

White indra barley is bitter, acrid, hunger, digestive and faded


Useful in various diseases :

1. jaundice : Remove the juice of black Indrajoo seeds and eat for a little more than three days.

2. Chronic fever: Feed the bead of Indra Barley tree and the beans of Giloya or roast the bark in the water at night and filter that water in the morning. This removes old fever.

3. Cholera: The roots and root of the indigenous root are rubbed in the water of buttermilk and the mixture is mixed with some asafetida and it provides relief.

4. Diarrhea

  • Grind Indra-Barley and give 3 grams of powder to 3 times in a day with cold water and diarrhea ends.
  • Take out juice of indigo barley and drink it.
  • Grind the root of Indra-barley with water extracted in the buttermilk and add some quantity of asafoetida to the kidneys and bring relief to the children.

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