Muli Beej (edible) – मूली बीज – Radish Seed – Raphanus sativus


Muli Beej (edible) – मूली बीज – Radish Seed – Raphanus sativus.

Name In Different Languages:

Muli Beej In English Name     : Radish

Muli Beej In  Hindi Name        : Muli, Mooli

Muli Beej In Latin name         : Raphanus sativus Linn.

Muli Beej In Urdu Name         : Muli

Muli Beej In Arabic Name       : Fujal

Muli Beej In Bengali Name      : Mula

Muli Beej In French Name       : Radis cultivé

Muli Beej In German Name     : Garten-Rettich, Rettich

Muli Beej In Gujarati Name     : Mulo, Mula

Muli Beej In Kannada Name    : Moolangi, Moclangi gadde, Mullangi, Mugunigadde

Muli Beej In Marathi Name      : Mula

Muli Beej In Persian Name      : Turb, Turbuzah

Muli Beej In Punjabi Name      : Mula, Mulaka, Muli

Muli Beej In Sanskrit Name     : Moolaka, Mulaka


Radish is grown all over India. Radish is also grown in the form of carrot inside the ground in Kandrup. The main part of radish is two varieties – white and small white red. Its rounds are also other varieties. Radish is considered to be eaten in October-November. Radish is eaten raw. Greens of radish and radish leaves are also made. Mixing gram flour in radish leaves also makes delicious stirring. Oil from radish seeds emerges. Radish oil is heavy and colorless in weight. Eating raw radish in the middle of the food increases interest in eating. Sprinkle a little salt by spinning radish into radish pieces and eat it in the morning.



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Radishis beneficial for patients with spleen . In winter, the radish is stimulating, digestive and nourishing. It is beneficial to consume radish leaves or its juice. Agnimandya (lack of appetite), anxiety , stroke (stomach inflammation ) ,menstrual pain , chronic gonorrhea , difficulty in urinating ( urine ) stone , hiccup, swelling, indigestion , phlegm, fever, breath (asthma) ), Hive and swelling-in all these diseases, radish is beneficial. In the old constipation , it is beneficial to eat radish greens daily. Radish fever , breath (asthma) ,Nose diseases , throat diseases and eye diseases (eyes) eradicate the diseases .Radishremoves diseases ofgas, decay (TB) , cough , nerve pain , cough, vata, bile and blood (blood). In addition, radish is useful in stomach worms , pimples , hemorrhoids and all types of swelling .

Useful in various diseases :

1. hiccup:

  • Drink radish juice Drink the decoction of dry radish at 50-100 ml for 1-1 hours.
  • Hatching the soft leaves of the radish leaves the hiccup immediately after sucking juice. Heat the radish juice lightly and also removes the hiccup.

2. Diabetes:

  • By eating radish or drinking juice, diabetes is beneficial.
  • Half of the radish juice gives benefit to diabetic patients in the afternoon.

3. ear ache:

  • Grind radish leaves and extract the juice. Cook 50 ml of juice in milliliter gram sesame oil for a long time. If the juice is completely burnt after cooking, then filter that oil in a cloth and keep it in the vial. If you have pain in the ear, it will cure earache due to lukewarm oil and putting it in the ear.
  • Boil the juice of root 2 to 4 radish radish and pour it 2 to 3 times in the ear.

4. Constipation:

  • Cut the radish and its leaves and add onion, cucumber or cucumber and tomato powder. In this way prepared salad can add 5-10 drops of mustard oil. Constipation is removed by eating with a meal that is prepared every day with a salad prepared that is only one-third of the food.
  • Constipation is erodicated by eating radish radish or freshly softened leaves or pickles of radish with leaves.

Disclaimer: Information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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