Pudina – पुदीना – Mint – Mentha piperita


Pudina – पुदीना – Mint – Mentha piperita.

Pudina English name  – Mint

Pudina Hindi name     – Pudina

Pudina Latin name     – Mentha piperita



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The place of origin of podina is Mediterranean region, but nowadays the production of pottery is being done in most of the world. There is also a type of pudding hill type. Pudina is grown in almost all the states of India. There is a lot of fragrance in the podina. Pudding sauce is good. The pudding is used in curry and in the form of decoction. It is also used in lentil sago etc. If green and fresh podina is not available then its leaves can be used drying up. The juice is extracted from the pudding. The root of the pudding is derived from the soil. Podina can be grown in any season. In the lawn outside the houses, you can grow potatoes in large pots. The leaves of the pudding leaves a lot of fragrance.


Podina is heavy, sweet, gourmet, anti-inflammatory, cough, cough , removing intoxication and enhancing appetite. It is cholera , dysentery (excessive diarrhea), diarrhea , worms andremovingold fever . It is a delight to the mind, heart and defects in the kidney that remove, Hickion blocks, eliminates flatulence, brings urine and sweat, helps the child, its smellfainting turns away. Podina indigestion (dyspepsia) , mouth stench , gas disorder , hiccup ,fever, Abdominal pain , vomiting , diarrhea , colds , cough is beneficial in diseases. Podina is used as an extract (juice) soup, drink. It is an enhancement of the beauty of the face, the heat removal of the skin, the destroyer of the germs of the disease and the heart is cooler. It is beneficial even on bites of toxic worms and in maternity fever .

Useful in various diseases :

1. Gas:

  • Mix 4 lemon juice and 1 teaspoon juice and 2 spoon honey mixed with 4 teaspoons of powdered honey.
  • In one glass water in the morning, add 25 ml of mint juice and 30 grams of honey and drink it.

2. Intestinal worms:

Feeding of the juice of the patient will end the intestinal worms.

3. Diseases of skin:

It is beneficial to apply turmeric and powdered juice in equal quantities of skin diseases like skin scabies, itching and itching.

4. Cholera:

  • Drinking potassium juice benefits the cholera, cough, vomiting (vomiting) and diarrhea (diarrhea). It also eliminates gas and insects from the stomach.
  • If cholera is added, add onion and onion and lemon juice to the patient will benefit.

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