Mostly, sesame is used with food in the winter season. There are three kinds of sesame according to color as- white, red and black. Mostly, black sesame is used in the medicines. Sesame and sugar are used to make rebri. It is grown in enough quantity in India. Sesame can be grown alone or with crop of cotton or cattail or myrabalan chebulie or groundnut. India is excellent place to grow sesame.

Sesame oil: Sesame oil is heavy, wet and warm in nature. It increases body strength, memory power, Wellness power and appetite. It helps in stool clearly and improves the skin color. It cleans and purifies the uterus. It normalizes vatta, pitta and kahpa. It is useful for the treatment of blood disorders caused by bile, diabetes, ears pain, Vulva pain and headache.

Name in different languages:

English                :        Gingeli sesame

Hindi                   :        Til, Tilli ka tel

Sanskrit               :        Til, Tilli ka tel

Gujarati               :        Tal, Bheethu tel

Marathi                :        Til, Gouda tel

Bengali                :        Til

Parsian                :        Kunjand,     Rogan kunjand

Arab                    :        Sheeraj, Simsim, Samsam, Hul

Scientists             :        Setumun orintel

Color: white

Taste: Its juice is bitter, sweet, pungent and spicy.

Structure: One year’s plant of sesame is soft and hairy. Its tree is about 15-36 inches high. Its leaves’ upper part is simple, rectangle and in garland shape. Its leaves’ front part has lines and middle part is conical. Its leaves sides are divided in many parts like teeth. Its flowers are one and half inches long, purple, white and with yellow marks. Its pods are 2 inches long, quartern and front part is blunted.

Nature: Sesame is heavy, hot in nature and smooth. The light yellow liquid, which is extracted from sesame, is called sesame oil or sweet oil. Its offensive smell is interested. Its oil contains protein elements. Its seeds contain sisemolin, simemia, lypage, pradhanta, oitic, nicotinic acid, pamitic and linolic acid. Its seeds also contain styaric and glysraidus of arecidic acid in less quantity.

Precaution: Pregnant woman should not take sesame because it is very harmful for her.

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Sesame Seeds are the number one roasted and toasted spice in Indian cuisine. it’s helping in digestion and provide a healthy boost of energy to help you recharge after a busy day at work.

The powerhouse of minerals, sesame seeds have earned a special place in Ayurveda and other traditional medicinal forms. Sesamum Indicum, a flowering plant found mostly in the tropical regions of India and Africa.

Other Names: Juljulaann, Simsim, Duhn al-hall, Seeraj, Sheeraj, Tilagachh, Sesame, Gingelly, Sesamé, Sesam, Til, Tilli, Ellu, Sesamum indicum Linn, Tila,, Kunjad, Shamshak, Tilaha, Tir, Kunjad

Delicious sesame seeds are rich in essential minerals and vitamins, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, and calcium. They also contain several Vitamin B complexes and a high number of antioxidants, fibre, and protein.

Healthy Skin and Hair

If you want to improve your hair and skin, then consume sesame seeds. With it, you will be able to get rid of dandruff, cure acne and even eliminate dark circles around the eyes.

Helps Stronger Bones

Til contains a considerable amount of calcium required for building bones and teeth, especially for children.

Sesame seeds are not only tasty but healthy too. As per multiple studies, eating sesame seeds regularly can help prevent osteoporosis later in life. So get your hands on these golden bits of goodness to nourish your body and keep it healthy!

Tooth diseases:

  • Chewing about 25 grams sesame is useful to make the teeth strong.
  • Chew about 60 grams black sesame and drink 1 glass of cool water upon it. Using this process regularly is useful to cure teeth diseases. Jaggery and sugar should not be taken during this treatment.
  • Putting sesame in the mouth for 5-10 minutes is useful to cure pyorrhoea (Come blood from gums) and make the teeth strong.
  • Taking black sesame with water makes the teeth strong.
  • Immerse cotton piece in sesame oil and put it in the mouth, it ends toothache.
  • Pyorrhoea is cured by chewing sesame.
  • Chewing 10 grams black sesame twice a day for 15-20 days regularly is useful to cure teeth diseases.
  • Make a paste by grinding sesame, lead-wort and white mustard with lukewarm water. After that, apply this paste on the teeth twice a day regularly. It ends toothache and gums swelling.
  • Chew 30 grams black sesame and drink one glass of water after upon it. This process should be used in the morning after brushing regularly cures all the diseases of the mouth. Jaggery and sugar should not be mixed with sesame.
  • Gargling with sesame oil for 10-15 minutes regularly some days is useful to make the teeth strong and also cure pyorrhea.


  • Grind sesame leaves with vinegar or water and apply it on the forehead, it provides relief from head pain.
  • Grind sesame with water and apply it on the forehead, it ends headache.

Menstrual excretion disorders:

  • Make a decoction by boiling 5 grams sesame, 7 pieces black pepper, 1 spoon ground dry ginger and 3 pieces long peppers with one cup water. Taking this decoction is useful to cure menstrual excretion disorders.
  • Mix 5 grams black sesame with jaggery and take it before 4 days of menstrual excretion; it ends disorders of menstrual excretion. This mixture should not be taken after coming menstrual excretion.


Mix 6-12 grams sesame with morrow of raw bengle quince and take it twice a day, it provides relief in dysentery.



  • Taking 6 grams ground sesame with sweet is useful to break constipation.
  • Taking mix heap (khichadi) of sesame, rice and green pulse is useful to eliminate constipation.

Bed wetting:

  • Mix sesame with jaggery and give it to children, it ends the symptom of bed wetting.
  • Mix sesame, jaggery and caraway powder together. Giving this mixture to the patient provides relief in the symptom of bed wetting.


  • Take 8-10 grams ash of dried copal (Dry copple in shadow) of sesame regularly, it brings stone out after breaking.
  • Mix 4 ml juice of sesame flowers and 2 spoons honey with 250 ml milk. Taking it brings out stone after breaking.

Testicels swelling:

Grind 25 grams kernels of castor seeds with 25 ml sesame oil. Apply this mixture on the testicles tie castor leaves upon it; it reduces swelling of the testicles.


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