Small Elaichi -छोटी इलाइची – Green Cardmom – ELETTARIA CARDAMOMUM


Green Cardamom is popularly known as Chhoti Elaichi, Small Cardamom or Ela. Green Cardamom is used as flavourings and cooking spices in both food and drink, and as Ayurveda ingredient.

Green Cardamom Name in different languages:

Green Cardamom English Name     : Cardamom

Green Cardamom Hindi Name        : Chhoti Elaichi
Green Cardamom Latin name         : Elettaria cardamomum Maton.
Green Cardamom Urdu Name         : Elaichi Khurd, Heel Khurd, Green Cardamom
Green Cardamom French Name      : Amome Vrai, Cardamome
Green Cardamom German Name    : Kardamom, Malabarcardamom
Green Cardamom Gujarati Name    : Elaichi, Elayachi
Green Cardamom Arabic Name      : Haal, Habb al-haal, Qaaqulla Sagheer, Khayr Buwwa
Green Cardamom Bengali Name     : Chot Elaich

Green Cardamom Kannada Name   : Elakki, Yelakki

Green Cardamom Marathi Name     : Bareek Veldode, Lahanveldoda, Velchi, Elchi
Green Cardamom Persian Name     : Heel Khurd, Haal
Green Cardamom Punjabi Name     : Illachi, Chhoti Ilachi
Green Cardamom Sanskrit Name    : Ela, Truti


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Cardamom is found in large quantities in our country of India and its warmer countries. Cardamom is not found in cold countries. Cardamom is very common in Malabar, Cochin, Mangalore and Karnataka. Cardamom trees are similar to turmeric trees. Cardamom is grown in Malabar itself. A lot of cardamom is sent from England to England and other countries every year from Malabar. Cardamom is delicious. It is usually used in food substances. Cardamom is two types of small and large. Small cardamom is bitter, cold, pungent, short, fragrant, bile, abortifacient and aromatic, and air (gas), cough (mucus) ,urine (piles) , decay (TB) , toxicity, actigraphy (under the navel Part of), throat disease (throat) ,Urine (pain or burning sensation in urination),destroys rash (stone) and wound .Cardamom should not be eaten at night. By eating cardamom at night ,it becomes leprosy . The big cardamom is piquant, cold, gourmet, aromatic, digestive, soft and digestive additives. This phlegm, bile , blood disease, heart disease , toxin defects, vomiting , irritation and mouth pain and pain in the head is removed.


Small cardamom is cough , cough , breathing, hemorrhoids and urine decay. It pleases the mind. Purifies the wound . Removes the delicacy of the heart and throat. Makes the heart strong Mental frenzy , vomiting and immobilization .Removes the deodorant of the mouth and smells and breaks the stone . The properties of large cardamom are also similar to the properties of small cardamom. Jaundice , indigestion , urinary disorders , chest burns , abdominal pain ,Cardamom intake is beneficial for emotions , hiccups , asthma , stones and joint pain .

Useful in various diseases :

1. Headache:

  • Grinding cardamom by grinding on the brain and grinding the seeds provides relief in headache by smelling.
  • Grinding small cardamom with water and applying it like a paste on the head, eliminates headache.

2. Increasing memory power:

Mix 50 grams of cardamom and 25 grams together with granite and grind them fine. Then take it half a half spoon twice with Brahmi’s juice or kabhabini, remembering memory and intellect gets faster.

3. Colds, colds, coughs:

Choking cardamom with sharp cardamom is healed by scouring cold, cold and cough.

4. Diseases of asthma:

  • By swallowing about 2 grams of landlord and two grams of cardamom seeds, cured due to cough gets better.
  • Cough and asthma are destroyed by eating cardamom, dates and grape honey. This makes the body stronger.

Dosage :

The general dosage of Elaichi (Cardamom) is as follows.
Infants (Age: Up To 12 Months) 250 mg *
Toddler (Age: 1 – 3 yrs) 500 mg *
Preschooler (3 – 5 yrs) 750 mg *
Grade-schooler (5 – 12 yrs) 1 gram *
Teenager (13 -19 yrs) 2 grams *
Adults (19 to 60 yrs) 3 grams *
Geriatric (above 60 yrs) 2 grams *
Pregnancy 500 to 1000 mg *
Lactation 1 to 3 grams *
Maximum Possible Dosage 12 grams Per Day (in divided doses)
* Twice a day with appropriate adjuvant
When to Take: It can be taken anytime in a day. For best results in digestive ailment, it should be taken an hour before meal. For headache and vertigo, it should be taken an hour after food.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

Disclaimer: Information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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